Something’s got into me … Perhaps, just a combination of tiredness, stress & expectations or just a point in my life where I feel like I reached a temporary halt and a need to clear my mind & soul. Losing myself in me. This quote that i read off a blog reflects the same sentiments that Im currently feeling, “The only problem is, everything seems welled up in a lump, hardened in my unwaveringly emotionless facade.”  Take me away from this, even if it’s just for this weekend. Take me away …


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  1. hello busy girl =) love you! nic’s coming back soooon.. can’t wait to hang out!!

  2. heyy love! loving ur pics as usual, and hey did u go on the flyer?? its soooo beautiful right up there, i nearly cried…

  3. sara: yea, i did! we won a couples’ race and 1 of the prizes was a free champagne flight onboard the singapore flyer! 🙂 splendid city view indeed, though nth in comparison to nyc’s! :p haha.

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