.Paris, I Love You.



With a movie title like “Paris, Je T’aime” , it’s not a surprise if someone were to assume that the movie would be similar to that of a travelogue , to showcase the breath-taking extreme of both the old world & modern cutting edge architectures of Paris. Juxtapose. Yet, this collection of 18 short films ( each lasting around 5-8mins) is more than just the physical landscapes that Paris has to offer. Quoted from Qwipster’s review, ” It captures the look, feel, vibe and importance of the city of Paris to its inhabitants, and the world at large.”  True indeed, the conglomeration of all the various film segments highlights the essence of Paris – The city of love. LOVE. Love that comes in the many forms: Romance, Parent-Child, Friendship, Oneself, or even, the city of Paris itself. Each short film is so beautifully directed, and in short, all aim to reveal a deeper meaning about life through the film. 

My favourites

1) Alexander Payne’s piece called “14th arrondissement”. A heartwarming story about a lady who was willing to take the step out of her comfort zone and pursue her dream of visiting Paris. Being all alone in the city of love might sounds depressing & tormenting but it was actually being alone that she found that “loneliness can be an empowerment”. Falling in love with Paris made her fell in love with herself once more. To find oneself again.

2) Tom Tykwer’s “Faubourg Saint-Denis” … A story that revolves around an American actress who fell in love with a blind Parisian. How time seemed to be so easy during their honeymoon period, a period of time whereby they complemented each other and basked in the blissfulness of being in love. Yet, it came a time when both started to drift apart as other commitments in their lives take precede. The importance of not taking someone or something for granted, before it’s too late for regrets.

” There are times where life calls out for a change, a transition like the seasons. Our spring was wonderful but summer is over now. We missed out on autumn. And now, all of a sudden, it’s cold. So cold everything is freezing over … Our love fell asleep and the snow took it by surprise. But if you fall asleep in the snow, you don’t feel it coming. Take Care. ”

3) The classic “feel-good” piece “Tour Eiffel” by Sylvain Chomet. An idiosyncratic story of an unconventional love between 2 mimes in a prison. Despite being seen as weirdos by everyone else, both mimes live by the motto of starting each day on a happy note and a smile on their face. Pretty inspiring.


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