Bintan Trip ?

.Indra Maya Villa.



.Angsoka Villa.



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  1. when u going to Bintan? i’m planning a wkend getaway too but no idea where’s best to go.

  2. mayang sari?

  3. perhaps u wna try Nirwana Resort Hotel over at Bintan. i went there last May. ;D

  4. Dorothy:
    I might be heading there with my SIM friends after our exams lol, just a simple wkend getaway. 🙂 my sis just came back from bintan, said that nirwana resort offers good deals and lotsa fun. 🙂

    wow, thanks for the link babe. 🙂 appreciate it. Pic looks awesome, just oogle at how pristine the beach looks like lol.

    Thanks dear. Yea, my sis just came back from Bintan Nirwana too and she raved about it too. Im attracted to the beach… looks pristine enough.

  5. you will love the beach… it’s great… you can even get the huts that face the beach directly… open the sliding doors of the hut and ur view is just pure beach and sea… very peaceful and serene… ;D

  6. bintan!! do you rmb me? =X

    btw can u add me on msn or sth? I have sth to ask u!!!!! I cant rmb whether i have ur msn add or sth hahaha.

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