.Treasure your “Me Time”.

Was reading a blogger’s post about “Me Time” – the luxury to have sometime to oneself and to further explore what she/he wants out of life, out of oneself- and truth to be told, I was inspired by what she wrote.  In her blog, she wrote that “Me time has brought some much needed balance in my life, and has helped me to be more honest with myself. Somehow the world and everything around me seems less urgent, and more manageable.” Simple words that hold such deep meanings. And these words truly got me thinking … Don’t you realised just how “Me Time” is so undervalued amongst people in our society? For the most of us, we like to be out and be surrounded by great company. Afterall, we are sociable people who enjoying being around others – be it physical or not. Just look at the many people who are perpetually on facebook/MSN/other similar sites even when they are home! In fact, do you think that deep down that most of us fear being alone? I’ll admit that I do. On the other hand, don’t you feel that life can be a tad too hectic and confusing when void of personal, alone time? Solitude gives us the chance to reflect on what we want out of ourselves and as quoted (from somewhere), “lets us discover what we are truly made of”. To not always be too dependent on others for ultimately, we have only ourselves to depend on at the end of the day.

I ponder on those words and reflect upon my own life. Honestly, I love to keep myself busy and occupied for most part … So, studies and internship work commitments aside, my time is usually spent either with loved ones or friends … Or with my beloved laptop that never fails to entertain me in one way or another ( music! videos! forums! or just, random surfing). In a way, time’s too precious and I rather have something meaningful/fun to do than to just let it all be wasted away. The one, rare time that I usually spend re-collecting thoughts by myself would be on the bus. As silly and stupid as it might sounds, but there were times whereby I would reflect upon the good things that happened to me thus far and actually smile to myself … on the bus, alone (!) To stop comparing myself against others and just fully focus on myself and my life. To take pleasure in knowing that I’ve been very fortunate so far, at least to have been exposed to a myriad of different experiences. That’s one characteristic that I love and respect about my bestie, Sara. That girl never fails to feel blessed even with the simplest stuff in life … tiny, little details in life that we often take for granted. She cherishes them all.

Back to the topic of “me time” … Definitely, an active social life is something that I would never want to give up but solitude is what that I want to work on … To devote a lil’ more time to doing things by myself, to be freed from complications and concentrate on learning more about myself and building my own identity. A couple days back, I encountered a rough patch which gave me the opportunity to think. “To be more honest with myself” (quotation) – that’s very true … I took the time to reflect on my behaviour and actions and tried to come face-to-face with my weaknesses (well, most of us detest having to face our own flaws) … To admit that I was in the wrong. Come to think of it, it’s always easy to seek support from others around us or to establish our identity based on our friends or the stuff we do … but these precious “me time” would give us the moments to build a life for OURSELVES and not having to be influenced by distractions from others. Some people spend their “me time” by doing activities that they love – cook, read a book, work out, design, etc … For me? It’s just simply not doing anything and think and sometimes, jote them down onto my blog. Alternatively, the occasional visits to the library (Free books!), SPCA (animals!) or simply, a HOT! shower (refreshing!) . Wish that I have a bathtub though …




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