.Dig in the dancing queen.

Post- “What the Butler Saw” Party at ZCP office

Had a post-party (delicious food, drinks!)  to celebrate the end of the run of “What the Butler Saw”. A good time to interact & mingle with the cast and some of the creative/production crew … And a certain piece of hot gossip was the sizzling topic of the night. One that got everyone hooked and wanting for more. Scandalous.

Weekend of “House, Hip-Hop, Mambo”

Jul’s 22nd Birthday celebration at DBL O with the gals !!!

Happy 22nd Birthday, Juliet!

It’s been close to a Year since I last clubbed with the gals… Looking back, 2006 & 2007 were the peak of my clubbing years. Days where we clubbed at least twice/week during hols … where it was the more the merrier as I preferred clubs to be packed to the max, like sardines in a can, in the past. All the provocative and suggestive dancing, grinding and humping against one another on the dance floor. And yea, lip-locking. I would be lying to you if I say that I dont miss those frivalous, wild days. I do, occasionally. Yet forward to 2008 & 2009, party nights were replaced by quieter nights at bars or restaurants … dancing eschewed for dine & meaningful chats. I dont think it’s necessary a sign that we’re becoming boring, but more of that we tend to seek more worth & substance in what we do. Nevertheless, a party night out once in awhile is always welcomed.

In any case, the highlight of the night (for me) was actually being outside the club. Observing fights – where 2 drunken guys fought over a girl who kept screaming in her irritating, shrill voice “fuck off la.” (Juliet, The Hulk – tear the shirt!) – aside, the next best thing was having the time to chat with the girls. Joking about how “psycho” we can be if we were to REALLY hate someone and the “stuff” we would go about doing to them. Hell Hath No Fury. All that nonsense aside, I do admire L for her positive attitude in “work-life” balance. That party animal works at least 10hours on a slack day, but boy does she know how to enjoy life. During the cab ride home, Su & I were impressed at how much energy she has … Im usually shagged and all ready to pop into bed after a day of work at the theatre but not the case for L. Despite her long hrs at work she still ensures that she has time for her 3 dancing classes ( Salsa, Bachata, Pole Dance – sexy eh.) and nights with friends. Now, that’s what I call living life to the fullest!



One of my fav pic of the day. Sexy legs and butt, cheers to the sexy babes!


UniSIM “Global Lifestyle Branding” Talk by IndoChine founder, Michael Ma.

Seeing that we’re both interested in marketing ( events management, branding), we thus made a rather last-minute decision to head for a talk on “Global Lifestyle Branding” by Michael Ma at SIM. IndoChine needs no introduction – It is a fast-growing international lifestyle brand that continues to expand beyond its dining expertise. As of late, IndoChine has ventured into the tourism and hospitality industry by establishing a resort over at Phuket, which inevitably complements Indochine’s reputation as a lifestyle brand. And so, we went for the talk with the intention of learning more about international branding. Unfortunately, I have to admit that there wasn’t exactly anything new that I learn from the talk that I already didn’t know from lectures in UB/SIM. Well, unless you count how “throwing parties” is a strong factor in substaining a lifestyle biz like IndoChine… Im sure that the word “party” was mentioned in every single sentence said by MM.

You know how there’s a cliche saying that “there’s nth more sexy than confidence” ? Though a little too full of himself, one cant deny that MM has a confident aura in him that awes and impresses. Now, Im talking about being self-confident and content with oneself. Very few people I know have achieved that level of confidence that awes. Many times, I believe that for the majority of us – we like to appear and be confident individuals. And true indeed, most of us tend to be more confident in certain areas but also, insecure in others. On my part, Im just like most pple… plugged with insecurity over certain issues in life. And I know that I want to boost my level of self-confidence and get rid of the other demons in me for I know that self-confidence building is a key skill to a content and more fulfilled life. There are times whereby I look at others, compare and ask myself why is it that they have X or Y or Z and that I don’t. And that only serves to make me feel dismayed & unstatisfied. How is it that they achieve success in every area of their life. The bottomline is that I ultimately want to and will become the person that I set my heart & mind out to be, even if that’s gonna be challenging & time-consuming. I must.

Sashimi fiesta at IKOI

Both MK and I have been having cravings for sashimi for the longest time ever and honestly, IKOI is a piece of paradise for sashimi lovers … order any amount of thick & succulent sashimi ( 6 types – Salmon, Tuna, Snapper, Swordfish, Yellowtail, Cuttlefish) plus an array of other Japanese dishes for only $33+ ( ala-carte buffet-style).

Believe it or not, MK – The Glutton, ordered 5 slices for each of the 6 different types of sashimi initially ( 30 slices in total). However, he realised that it wasn’t enough and so, he went ahead to order the same ces). Hence, if you do the maths – it adds up to a sum of 72 slices of sashimi at one go! 72 slices and we finished every single slice of it, no kid … Darn, did we make our money’s worth. We totally fit the stereotype profile of KS Singaporeans. 2 wks’ from now – Lunch Buffet at THE LINE w SIM peeps … 🙂

The “Rice in Japanese Green Tea” is definitely a dish that all should try. Basically, it’s a very simple dish of letting the rice soak in a broth of green tea with japanese biscuit bits and seaweed. The Result? A refreshing aroma.

“Good-Bye for now” farewell club night with clara & bf … Once again, at DBL O.

2nd Night at DBL O … This time round, it’s Mambo time. Having had a not-so-pleasant experience the previous night at DBL O & OBAR, I went into this night wo much expectations. Surprise, surprise – It was perhaps 1 of the BEST clubbing night I ever had, Ever. And the most ironic thing? It was Mambo/Retro music, a genre of music which I didn’t particularly enjoy. Yet, darn was I grooving to the music that night – like a crazy, mad girl  bouncing up & down near the corner of the dancefloor, singing her lungs out ( though horribly. real bad cz i cant sing for nuts). You know what? I finally understand why Mambo Nights at ZOUK are so popular, it’s all about letting your hair down and having a ball of fun, even if it means acting out those silly mambo actions & making a fool out of yourself! It was dance till the club closed on Sat for us. Needless to say, hip-hop/r&b is still a personal fav of mine and nothing can get me dancing or grinding as enthusiastically as that genre of music. Much Thanks to both Clara & Nelson for having us on the guestlist and also, for the free flow of drinks! 🙂  Having Clara as a fellow intern over the past month had definitely made my work life at ZCP more interesting ( all the running of errands together, breaktime gossip & bf talk!) – See you again in June/July when u’re back, gal! Mambo Nights await.



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  1. hey ! i cant find your comment in my post so thought of commenting here 🙂 no probs ! lunch in school !

  2. thanks for showing up babe! n see u soon, hopefully. hope all is well. 🙂

  3. Hi babe, where did you buy that blue halter top? I love the colour combination and it fits prefectly on you too. 🙂

  4. fiona- hi babe 🙂 i got it from f21 website, not too sure if its stil available. im a f21 addict lol.

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