. just some thoughts.

22nd Feb marked the end of the run of “What the Butler Saw”.. and coincidentally,it also marked the start of my 2nd month of internship over at ZCP. Like I mentioned in the previous post, it has been a learning experience for me thus far … granted, some job tasks can be pretty routined & mindless but overall, the past couple of wks at front-of-house has given me a chance to learn the ropes of handling customers & people … as well as an insight into how work affects human nature. Plus, sparking off a new found interest in theatre & plays! Oh, and there were days where I had to step in and sell souvenir programmes so that definitely made me to be slightly less afraid of rejections and be thick-skinned.

So lately, I’ve been reading a book on “Unplugged” – the need for people to regularly take a sabotical from work/studies/main commitments in life. This guy’s story has particularly caught my attention … as quoted from the book, “I work when I need money, I study when I need to learn, I travel when I need to travel.”  Basically, he lives a permanently unplugged lifestyle … having been on the go, travelling to many countries across the globe. Doing backpacker, odd jobs ( bar staff, waitressing, hotel jobs, etc) along the way to fund for his travels. Some people live their life in pursuit of their career, some for money & admiration, and for some others (just like Conrad), for adding another experience to their already multifaceted life. In the book, he adds that “If I weren’t satisfied with this type of life, I wouldn’t be doing it. That to me is the great mystery of other people: Why do they continue to do things that make them unhappy?”  Honestly to speak, I wish I could be like him.. Being about to travel and explore the many different countries around the world has and will always be a dream of mine and I truly believe that working temp jobs in various countries and having to interact and mingle with people of different nationalities would provide one with a more enriching experience than say, a vacation. BUT ( there’s always a BUT aint it? ) I know that deep down, there’s still a part of me that wants to work on jobs that are more challenging and that allow me to ‘climb the corporate ladder’ … guess it’s driven by the competitive nature of being a Singaporean. I don’t know if I dare take the step to sacrifice whatever that seems practical … That’s the reason why I wholeheartedly admire risk-takers like Conrad… to leave whatever they have behind and begin on an adventurous, unpredictable journey that many desire but dont have the guts to do so.

Several friends have already been asking me about my post-graduation plans. Graduation trip? Masters? Work? And if so, what industry would I want to work in. And so conicidentally, I’ve either met or talked to 3 peeps who have kinda inspired me to take on a different route in the past week. WAT being the common topic – 1 of whom is graduating mid-2009 and heading to USA for WAT with 4 other friends. Two other graduated last year, went for their respective WAT, had the best time of their lives (!!!) before returning to embark on their working lives. And all their comments made sense – why rush to work when you have like the remaining 40 or more yrs to work? There will definitely be a time to build your career, only difference being now and slightly later. Besides which, as fresh grads – technically, we have nothing to lose. No family commitments or big-paying job to hold us back. Yet, to repeat what I mentioned in the above paragraph, I think that there’s a part of me that’s afraid to “lose out” … that I might miss out on opportunities by heading for WAT when others are out job-scouting and securing their first jobs. That, plus the fact that I’ll have to fork out more money initially to pay for adminstrative fees, airfare and personal expenses. A huge chunk was already spent for a semester at UB. 😦  Decisions, and dilemma… It’s about time that I make up my mind cz time is running out as graduation soon approaches. * edited* – Just read Kristin’s blog … that gal is having a ball at Sweden, making friends and travelling plans. Too many signs that are pointing me to a certain direction.

Monday Late Night with Dan. Funny how Dan & I first got acquainted through hamsters ( me, a prospective buyer & him, a seller) … 4 years down the road, still remaining as good pals. Catch ya 1 yr later again, bro. Hopfully, on your way on becoming a pilot! And I’ll be waiting for u to teach me the ropes of prawning. Wanna catch tiger prawns!


A really cool site on “Local Fashion Lookbook” !!! Check it out!  🙂   


5 responses to “. just some thoughts.

  1. been reading up on WAT quite a bit, but sad to say, my current financial situation will not allow me to go for it.

    nervous & stress out over graduating

  2. Hi Steph,

    do you use tripod for your photos? specially those with you and your boyf only ones? from your last vacation trip?

    cz the picture looks awesome and lovely!

  3. cherie – i know. sounds more of having a blast right? im in a dilemma regarding WAT too cz frankly Im not too sure if I wanna spend so much money to return to USA again. I frankly prefer somewhere in Europe :p

    vickie – hi there babe! Thanks! 🙂 yea, my bf used a really mini-tripod stand for all those pics. amazing how such a tiny tripod does wonders lol … I guess the overseas scenic backdrop played a huge role too.

  4. thanks Steph!
    the pictures are really pretty!
    do develop one big pc and hang it in your room! i think it’s gna bring in so so so much memories!

  5. welcome Vickie. 🙂 Yea, im soo lazy.. hardly develop my pics anymore but i definitely want to do a big collage of those pics. for memory! 🙂 and thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

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