Happy Valentine’s Day

Been a year since I first embarked on this “blogging” adventure. Looking back, this whole blogging idea first started as a surprise for MK … wanted to note down the special moments of the relationship in black/white and only to have it develop to a personal blog. A place to pen my reflections, a social diary, and of course, a way to keep my friends updated – that’s what my blog has become. So back to Valentine’s Day … It’s actually my first year without having a gf by my side. First couple of years were spent with bestie, Sara followed by the next 4 years with Olivia darling. Unfortunately for 2009, work took first priority. As such, both Clara’s ( a fellow intern) and my VDAY were spent at work and thankfully with our boyfriends who were fantastic enough to volunteer for the arts!  Busybees from 1.30pm all the way till 10.30pm at night. Isn’t that such a “memorable” way to celebrate this romantic occasion together lol? I’ll work hard to keep my promise to you about next yr’s vday, alright? 🙂

Valentine’s Day is probably the most COMMERCIALISED occasion out there … Working in the theatre, I came across countless of young couples … boyfriends who showered their girlfriends with bouquet of flowers, teddy bears or chocolates! Prices in restaurants – be it fine-dining or bistro – skyrocket to at least a min. of $160/couple for a set dinner. If you read the ads, you will realise that a dinner for ONE exclusive couple at Swissotel’s Helipad comes up to $15,000! An ultra-exclusive 9-course gourmet dinner with free flow of Dom Perignon champagne, accompanied by live music and a $9000 Valentino watch gift! Crazy prices, isn’t it?

At this note, I would also like to take this chance to express my love for Soy! That gal came all the way to the theatre just to pass Clara & me our Vday roses! So sweet … now, i can officially say that I did receive a stalk of rose on Valentine’s Day! Thank you, my dear 🙂   Everyone ( Clara, her bf, MK & I) all agreed that you deserve to win the “Best Friend on Vday” award… just having the thought of travelling all over to pass ur friends flowers!


Though shagged and exhausted, we eventually settled for drinks & small plates at Angel’s Share at Dempsey Hill. A call for a mini vday celebration. The drinks were at the best, so-so whereas the live music & soothing lightings definitely set the stage for a romantic and intimate night for all.

“Ignorance is Bliss”


The holiday of Love! is always celebrated with an exchange of gifts between loved ones … As usual, something tiny but cute for my SIM friends 🙂  and now for the deal …

For the Boy:

Something handmade, something of interest for HIM. A scrapbook memoir + A book on Wine Appreciation.


For the Girl:

Now, now … this present caught me by absolute surprise. I screamed out in joy when MK finally revealed his gift for me – LG SECRET. Well, I have been having problems with my Samsung hp for quite awhile … A series of problems including -> Turning on and off by itself on a frequent basis, keypads losing sensitivity, losing its ability to receive messages … honestly it turned out to be quite a headache only after a year of usage. Boy, I couldn’t say “No” to a stylish, sleek, functional hp now .. could I? I know that you’ve been trying to live on minimal basics, just to save up for this present for me … I vividly recalled my sec sch days where I volunteered to gift-wrap at Funan Centre, the many times when my silly gfs and I would mooned over how so many bfs would purchase a tech gadget for their gfs.  Thank you for the new essential in my life, baby!  🙂




Finally, a note on my current internship at ZCP. Well, I applied for internships over at 3 companies and out of which, 2 replied & offered me the position. One with ZCP, and the other with a travel agency that offers off-the-beaten track travels for those who seek thrilll & adventure. Truthfully, I was more interested in the latter initially … My passion for travel aside, that job requires me to research on less popular spots and to plan out interesting itineraries as well as to source out for partnerships with companies. In other words, that could have worked out to be quite a dream internship! However, I eventually decided on ZCP as I believe that the people at the management level are experienced in the theatrical/events industry as they have either produced/directed or spearheaded marketing efforts of various critically acclaimed musicals and corporate events ( Cabaret, The Vagina Monologues, MAGICBOX). 

Besides, with the production “What the Butler Saw” coming up, I was sure that the internship would provide me with a more “hands-on” approach as well. And so, I embarked on my part-time internship ( yea, working only on M,W,F) late Jan. So far, job tasks include reading many mags & newspapers to find articles/snippets that feature “What the Butler Saw” and having to archive them for the portfolio, sending out mass emails to gather volunteers for the production & corresponding to volunteers, accompanying my boss on a meeting with the contractor, front-of-house reception, doing simple designs for signages … It’s a very small co. so Im not going to deny that there’s alot of running of errands too – running about trying to find cheap quotation for printing services, heading to liased cafes, bars or restaurants to pass our flyers to them, purchasing items for our Gala Night event, etc. Well, it’s not a thorough hands-on approach when it comes to marketing yet … just passive learning through what D (my GM) taught and mentored me about. Keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be up for bigger projs for the next production! 

Now that “What the Butler Saw” started its run ( on till 22nd Feb), my main responsibility is to assist in the front-of-house ( which also means, having to sell programs when there is not enuff volunteers … not exactly what I enjoy 😦  but since Im at it, just gotta do the best. ) A chance that enables me to meet many people each day. Gawked at more popular names – Dr KK Seet, Dr Georgia Low, Howard Lo & Shan Wee from “Eye for A Guy 2”. Audience ( a mix of Singaporeans & Expats) aside, I’ve also interacted with the ushers, SISTIC peeps and volunteers. Disadvantage? Working till 10pm+ almost every day pretty much kept me too tired to do anything else … It’s  a routine of eat, work  or (Class, then work) and slp. But no complains. I would gladly exchange a part of my social life and having to give up on gatherings with friends for these couple of wks to intern here. Guess what? D said that Im fated to intern at ZCP. Turns out that Mabel’s ( Assistant Comms Manager) sister and my sister are best friends… To think that the two older sisters would eventually end up working in the same company. Such a coincidence. It gets even better when another volunteer and I found out that we actually live on the same street though she lives at the junction. Serves to tell me just how small Singapore is or at least, how everyone is somehow related to someone else whom we know.

Now it’s your chance to catch the wacky & hilarious play! Mischief, Madness, Mayhem! Starring Gerald Chew, Vernetta Lopez, Timothy Nga, Vadi PVSS (Mumbai Guy from M1), Elizabeth Tan & Shane Mardjuki.


Most memorable responsibility to-date? Ironically, it was on Valentine’s Day. My co. had a Valentine’s Day lucky draw in which the winner & his/her partner would receive the ULTIMATE FANTASY VDAY package … A ride in the One & Only stretch limousine (in Sg) , romantic dinner for two, before topping off the evening with a theatrical performance that promises much laughter. And yours truly was the personal butler of the evening … meaning being the liason person in case if there were any last-min changes made to the arrangement (there was a last-min prob but thankfully, it was quickly solved) but the perk of it? Having to ride in the 8m long limousine !!!  🙂  Never in my life would I ever anticipate having to ride in a stretch limo … though I was seated at the front beside the driver, gotta give the lucky couple some privacy afterall right? :p  Sitting in the limo is an experience of a lifetime – to either have countless of people staring into the car or to have them snapping pics of the car! Cool! Can’t help but to feel like a star upon exiting from the limo as all eyes were on me lol …



Loretta, the artistic director, who wants a snapshot in the limo!




Special Thanks to: My dearest Mum, MK, Soy, Sok, Chee Seng, Olivia, Juliet (and their friends), Jocelyn, Loisa, Cherie, Shermin, Wan Kay, Mel SFF & Cordelia. A HUGE thank you to you all  🙂


5 responses to “

  1. Hey !!!

    Sorry for not replying your email that time, too BUSY !!! lol

    Ohh.. we were fine actually!! He calls me on special occasion like VDAY to wish me… And whenever he have to move to somewhere else he will give me a ring too..

    but i dunno if i should visit him in SEPT ~~ I am scare and worried about being alone LOL

    I LOVE VS !!!! *yummy*

  2. hey hahah you spent v day with girlfriends too! joce and me!!! grin. hahaha

    limo huh. hahaha fun FUN!

  3. heyy! now we BOTH got our limo rides babe =DD YAY! happy vdaye to you love, maybe one day we’ll be able to celeb together again..

  4. sooooooooooooooooo fun! ok i’m gonna blog abt my vday soon too! i miss you babe

    and thanks for ur vday gift thing it’s sooooooo sweet!!! =D thanks for taking the time out of your super busy schedule to make us gifts! =D ❤

  5. miyo: that’s quite sweet. So, there’s a chance that you might fly over to USA to visit him? awww, dear. I’ll email u so that we can chat more! 🙂

    loisa: yes, vday with both u and jocelyn too. Can’t wait for the next BIG DATE. 13th March, foodie time man. I love food.

    Sara: Yes, i know! But Im aint as lucky as u darling. U were the GUEST! Me, on the other hand, sat beside the driver cz it was my responsibility lol. Alot of difference u know? :p lol.

    cherlynn: nah, it’s just something tiny. nothing much. rmr to use the Limited Edition (in Sg) UB pencil alright… all the way from Buffalo, USA! :p

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