.post CNY.

Finally, some time off to write this very belated post.
For those who celebrated CNY, I hoped that it was a time of festivity and celebration … and for those who didnt, it sure was a LONG wkend break that you had 🙂  It’s funny how I never particularly enjoy CNY in the past (other than those red packets, duh) … preferring other occasions such as Christmas (Which I still do), Birthdays, National Day, etc … Yet as I grow older, I begin to find the importance in CNY – namely, the need for relatives to at least come together once/year … be it a tradition or a time to catch up.

Reunion Dinner

A yearly affair. Mouth-watering home-cooked spread, all prepared by my Granny and aunt. My addiction of the night? Prawns.

CNY Day 1

Just like every year (it’s been a tradition since I was born), Day 1 is always set to visit relatives from my paternal side. My grandparents are the oldest in the family and so, we often have throngs of relatives coming over to our house to “pia nian”. Through the years, my sisters and I have seen our baby cousins growing up to the tweens or teens that they are now … Yes, we’re reminded of just how “old” we are with each passing CNY lol.

My grandpa’s youngest brother – a fan of photography, he insists on a picture taken together each year. For memory sake. As you can probably see from the blog, i do have TONS of pictures taken – pics that I will definitely look at and reminise of the good old days. All of a sudden, that thought makes me fear of having to age. The day where youth is replaced … seriously, does anyone really looks forward to that ?!

CNY Day 2

Day 2 – set for the maternal side, which is always a BIG affair involving 40-50 pple. Had both boys (MK & ginnie’s bf, ZW) over and boy did we had a hilarious time together. Cracking stupid and silly jokes and having the entire family laughed over such trival matters. As quoted from Oscar Wilde,  “Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about.”  Laugh and be jovial.


Legs. Save your energy trying to compare… I admit that Im the shortest (by quite a fair bit! ) amongst my sisters.


A picture that I’ve been wanting to take for quite awhile. Amanda, Ginnie & Zhi Wei, MK & me. Right now, we’re just waiting for Amanda darling to “get” a boyfriend and then voo-la, it’s picture-perfect!  :p


Post-CNY celebration. The famous “Chun Kee” fish soup noodle, with a tinge of XO. Im an avid fan of sliced fish soup so inevitably, my foodie mission in life is to try out as many delicious sliced fish soup as I possibly could. Any reccommendations?


A couple days later …

Outing with some of the JC peeps – Chern Chieh, Shu Ling, Evelyn, Wendy, Wei Chang, Rachel and Maylyn for dinner and drinks. As we all know (unless u’re leaving in isolation or in some cave), the world is facing one of the worst recession ever and that translates to TROUBLE for those fresh graduates or those graduating this year. Unfortunately, Im included in that list. So, with some of us graduating this year, there comes the inevitable talk about the plans we have for the near future. Pursue post-grad studies? Register with NIE to become a teacher, since teaching is a recession-proof career? Eve joked that the other few industries that are recession-proof (other than health and education) are 1) gambling and 2) prostitution. What do you think about that?  I can see why some might say that … afterall, gambling can be an addiction. just like drugs. Hard to kick off that habit, besides if ure lucky.. u’re set for some cold hard cash. As for prostitution? Let’s just say that people have certain needs, be it recession or not.

Speaking of future plans, yes… this is something that’s been bothering me ALOT. I guess u can call me an excessive worrywart at times. Basically, it boils down to the dilemma that many people face – passion or money? Sales industry – where those who have the “sales flair” can earn alot ( probably an average of a 5-figure sum/mth) depending on sales/comission. For one thing, Im not exactly that thick-skinned and so, having to constantly “beg” people, make cold-calls and force sales is a nightmare of a job for me. To quote my mum, “sometimes, you just need the drive for money”. Man, it’s such a contradiction.. makes me wonder – would I be happier accepting a job that pays rather poorly or a job that can pay alot and it all just boils down to one’s determination to earn big bucks. Interest or Money? Always a dilemma, right?

Drinks on a chill-out night at LOOF. Have a sip of “The Loof Life” – 1 of the yummiest cocktail I had so far. Being serenaded by the band. Laugh out loud with friends. Man, that nightlife sorta lifestyle makes me wanna do this more often… More night outs at chill out spots with buds and pals. 1 requirement! More Cash, please.

And … the cam-whoring begins …


Exclusive Fasio Mascara Workshop by Grego, celebrity make-up artist
.5th Feb.
Imagine my pleasant surprise when I received an email one day, notifying me that I was selected to attend an exclusive, free FASIO Mascara Workshop. A workshop that promises to ensure that “your peepers are perfectly done” and that you’ll be able to “work your charm on all that lay eyes upon you”. Amazing opportunity. While I’ll be the first to admit that I can’t do without makeup (mainly eyeliner which is needed to open up my eyes), I’ll however say that I don’t exactly know the right techniques to applying makeup. Sok & I ever contemplated signing up for mu courses just so that we can use mu to enhance our features better but gave up on that idea when we both figured out that we wouldn’t want to spend money on sth that we could “try & error”. So, when this opportunity presents itself … you can be sure that I joined onboard almost immediately.


Grego, who has worked with international names such as Shirley Manson, Kimora Lee Simmons, is one hell of a funny man. I mean, the workshop could have gone either way – boring, a listen lecture or an entertaining & interactive one. And thanks to Grego’s gregarious personality and high energy levels, everyone had a blast laughing at his jokes and funny antics. Being an expert in this field, he taught us many tips about the correct steps and sequence used to apply mascara, eyeliner & eye-shadow (love the gold,brown eyeshadow palate!) … the different ways to go about achieving the various looks – sultry, glamorous, sweet. In addition, this event also acts as a preview for the launch of Fasio’s new mascara – the 5-star mascara ( deep black, lasting curl, hyper long, shock free, waterproof) which will only be out in March in Sg. My own opinion: The mascara works pretty well as it was able to extend my lashes to about 2-2.5 times the length of my “naked” lashes. Many of the other cotters also raved about the product, commenting on how it is less likely to smudge and easy-to-apply.

The top 3 ladies who had the best overall mu were given exclusive Fasio gift bags … I won in another category and had my pic taken by the Fasio photographer. Unfortunately, no special gift bags.. got the usual goodie bag which was well, nothing out of the ordinary.  :p   Valuable tips aside, the next best thing out of this workshop was the chance to interact with the other cotters. In fact, Ying Ling & I got along so well that Grego thought that we were friends prior to this event lol.

Finally, thanks again to both Cozycot & Fasio for this great opportunity!  🙂

Photo op: Grego & me.


Things have been quite hectic over the past week or so … can’t wait for a short, mini getaway in March. A hidden oasis awaits. Shall blog about my internship in later posts. Have a good week ahead, peeps!


5 responses to “.post CNY.

  1. hey me too! i don’t know exactly how to put make up correctly. its all trial and error! hehe.
    boy, you and your sisters look so much alike. and don’t worry, im worrying about the future too. gahhh. recession at the wrong time seriously.

  2. so fun!! i want sisters tooo! oh and omg i wanna go for such a workshop too la. so fun. and also, i need cash too! lol. happy cny babe! ❤

  3. mz – u worked for nestle over the weekend? i got the job lobang from a friend too but decided not to go for it when i started on my internship. we might have actually gotten the chance to work together! how was it anyway?

    cherlynn – haha. i wanna go for more workshops too! beauty, mu, body, anything! free goodies :p

  4. yup!! it was leon who asked me to work! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. yaaa it was alright and the pay is really not bad (:

    and your internship seems so fun lah!! i so need to start looking for an internship/part time job too! i don’t know how you can take it, i was so tired jus working over the weekends, i wonder if i can be like you to work till so late everyday!

  5. I know.. the past couple of wks were really draining for me too. Cancel or postpone all social outings with friends cz i know how sleepiness can get the better of me lol. i feel like im interning more so than studying. shit, havent revise for exam yet.. so screwed! 😦

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