.Thank You, My Dear Friends. :)

Been alil’ busy lately. Anyway, want to give A HUGE SHOUT OUT to those of my loved ones and dear friends who will be volunteering for the theatrical performance. Im honestly VERY thankful and appreciative of your unwavering support & efforts to help out with this production … without whom, there would be a shortage of manpower. I can’t possibly thank you guys enough for your efforts. THANK YOU !!! 


.love, Steph.


4 responses to “.Thank You, My Dear Friends. :)

  1. heyyy hope you’re doing fine =) you’ve been really really busy lately! remember to take care ok? =D

    btw, sorry leh i keep sitting with your clique in lects.. just so happen that joce and I have the same class in morns and naturally spend 5hrs tgt during break lol. and other reasons of course, which i will tell you another place.

    take care loves~


  3. cherlynn:
    thanks dear. haha, u’re so funny – why are u apologising for that lol? Aiyoh, why would any of us mind?! Of course not!

    yes, see u on the 21st. loves!

  4. YEAH CHERLYNN! we don’t mind!! haha

    we love you too

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