. 1 year, 1 month.

1-yr1-month-11Technically, it’s a celebration for our first year and one month … however seeing that we didn’t exactly celebrate our first year together (due to jetleg and sheer exhaustion), this thus became a celebration for our first year. Decided to venture down the “DIY” route as we figured out that cooking together makes an enjoyable past-time for us. That, and also to cut cost on spending too much on our dates.

Roses, candles, hearts and a touch of diamond … the perfect concoction for some romance.

Surprised? We did all the cooking by ourselves (with the help of something called the “receipe” lol). A four-course dinner, with my fav dishes being the luxuriously flavourful cod fish + mushrooms. We even whipped up a healthy dish of “Ratatouille” (guess where we got the inspiration from?), which was surprisingly easy to make. I foresee many more cooking sessions coming up! But let’s just give up the idea of making our own desserts for now  :p 

1) Salmon
2) Pan-fried teriyaki Cod
3) Butter Mushrooms Saute
4) Ratatouille

Al fresco dining right at the front garden porch. The theme of the night was “Duh” romance … unfortunately, the cheap, plastic utensils definitely didnt add to the “love in the air” factor. Have to do something about that the next time round.

Big, wide smiles for this special occasion!!



Cheers to the many more anniversaries to come!
Happy 1 3 months, pillypop!


Win losta money at your MJ session, baby and rmr … the next TOTO draw!  :p
~ CNY celebrations post next ~


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