Havent been updating the blog lately.  As some of you might know, I started interning at this stage production/theatre company just a couple days back. With the theatrical performance starting its run in 2wks’ time , you bet that it’s gonna be quite a busy and hectic time for me as I’ll be required to work almost every night. No Valentine’s Day celebration (first time ever!) for me either. 😦  No complains though. I should be glad that one of my first tasks is to help out with the upcoming comical production … an eye-opening start to my internship. 🙂  It’s the eve of the lunar new year so gonna get ready for reunion dinner. Will blog more about the outings (involving a particular incident with 3 perverted Japanese guys) on another day.

Last Friday: Immersion of CNY festivity at Chinatown

Local delights at hawker places are always 1 of my favs. And I devoured them all ( chicken rice, nasi lemak, hokkein mee, sliced fish soup, tom yum, teochew porridge, etc) upon my return from the states. Trust me, no other food releases the greedy monster in me as much as hawker feast. Cheap and delicious, that’s really the best that anyone can ask for. MK and I call ourselves the “couple with weird eating tastes” (Loisa!) – we love sashimi, frogs’ legs porridge, pigs/chicken/cow organs dishes, oyster omelette, shellfish, basically alot of food stuff that others might not find appealing lol. We should win “Fear Factor” if it’s based only on the disgusting food section man.

Snippets of girlie outings with friends // cherished moments. girlie-heart3
~ olivia, christine, marie, chantelle ~

Saturday: Sentosa Flowers 2009 “Colours of Spring”

If you didnt know by now, i  flowers. That explains the many trips we made to the various flowers’ festivals and conservatories over the past year. Flowers have been used to express different forms of love and emotions since centuries ago and not surprisingly, it was at the Sentosa Flowers 2008 event that made me fall head over heels with MK.  So, how can we miss this chance to – as MK puts it, “fall deeply in love” again? For those of you who are interested, the flowers exhibition is on till 1st Feb … don’t miss this chance to view the award-winning flowers fiesta!

A year back : 2008

This year: 2009

Daffodils (unfortunately, they’re hardly available in Sg. Pre-order is a MUST) aside, lilies are my next favourite flowers.

Make A Wish. Our wishes for last year came true. Will our wishes for 2009 come true too? Well, only a visit down to the “Trees of Life 2010” will tell… something tells me that this will become an annual CNY routine for us.

Colours of love

Haggard and exhausted after a day of sun, flowers and fun.


Finally, Happy Chinese New Year to all! Enjoy the goodies, visitings and of course, everyone’s fav- the collection of ang bohs! loves.


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  1. at least you’re interning!! sounds interesting too. im still jobhunting and no luck so far cos the jobs i want require experience bleh.

    • ab: i know. a few of my friends are also going through a difficult time trying to look for relevant jobs too. imagine how depressing it would be for us in april/may!

      juliet: congrats babe! for next semester? that’s great news! 🙂 which part of china? i might be heading to thai or cambodia after my graduation for a volunteer trip too.

  2. im going to china 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. haha you and your bf are just too cute. and i love that outfit you wore with the white shirt and red skirt!

  4. *grimace* haha

    You should try out for the singapore fear factor. I’ve always thought fear factor is so fun, but i’ll totally fail at the food check stop. You’ll sail through very smoothly i’m sure haha

    happy new year!!

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