A week in the great company of girlfriends …
the TALK, alfresco dining at the national museum, a session of mani/pedi
life’s back on the go again.


Frankly, Im pissed now. WordPress just ate up my entire chunk of text content that I wrote even though I clicked on the “SAVE” button. Screw them, seriously! What’s the point of having a “Save” function when it eventually doesn’t even save the content of my blog entry? Im pissed, really pissed … as you can probably tell from here.

Time flies. It’s been 3wks since I flew out of USA and back to Singapore… and frankly, I havent been doing anything much in the past wks. Unless you count bumming around and slacking something productive. Eve once mentioned in her blog that she will “always be stuck on Mizzou” and that she doesnt “see the need to get unstuck”. Initially, I didnt get it, my first thoughts were “Why get stuck onto something, that was in the past? Everyone needs to move on and look forward to what’s to come in the future.” Yet, now that I’ve been through a semester of an overseas stint myself, Im beginning to make sense to her statements. Being in UB brought about new challenges – having to get adjusted to new classes with MANY new faces, hold conversations and make new friends, live in a new tiny space with a stranger (who eventually become a close pal 🙂 ), go on exciting excursions and trips, … Granted, there were days whereby I did nothing much either … but the overall vibe I got was that there was always something to look forward to, something unexpected and interesting that happens. Esp interactions with people. Coming back to Singapore, I feel as if life’s back to the rut again. There was a list of things that I planned to do upon my return yet truthfully, I felt lost and confused. Needing something to steer me in the right direction and to get my bearings once more.  I withdrew from many activities in the first couple of weeks ( including meeting up with friends, which used to fill up many dates in my daily planner). The same old days where you attend class, work part-time and meet up with various friends, having a blast together and party hard before return home … well, it’s fun – living life for the moment – but somehow, I just yearn for something more productive, stimulating and meaningful to do … Maybe, just a change, a deviation from the routine that I always led. After all, change is the only constant. What I might enjoy doing now might very well, not be my cup of tea in the future. Well, my first step was to finally stop procrastinating (Which i have been doing for ages), and start decluttering my study area. Mission accomplished – my desk table and cabinets are neat and organised now. Off to the major, almost impossible task – the studyroom, everyone’s nightmare!

Alas, life HAS TO move on … regardless, I will always hold close to my heart the memories that I shared with so many people back in the one place called UB.  🙂

Screw wordpress, Im no longer in the mood to continue on with what I just wrote. Perhaps, another time.


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  1. hey love! u had such an awesome time, i wanna go to all those places too! ahh how is adjusting back to sch? not easy for me for sure! declutter..declutter..destress, delax. haha

    • did u get my long!! email babe? it’s only been the first week and besides, i only have 1 module so u’ll be correct to say that i have ALOT of free time at hand. Decluttering, doing spring cleaner and boy am i so proud of my accomplishments! haha… managed to throw away alot of stuff and now, my desktable and cabinets look pretty neat and empty. next up, study room! how abt u, dear? 🙂

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