.Part 5- Still in NYC.

Part 5: Christmas in NYC

Finally, coming to the final few days of my trip. One that I didnt want to bid farewell to but alas, we just have to face reality someday.

Day 12. Christmas Eve. American Museum of Natural History. Macy’s. Rockfeller Centre.

American Museum of Natural History. NYC has nothing short of museums and art galleries … If you’re a fan of arts, this city must be heaven for you. However, fret not for those who have only a faint interest in the art scene … there’s always the American Museum of Natural History ( note: Night at the Museum movie) to entertain you! A wide collection of fossils of dinosaurs and extinct species, indulge yourself in learning more about biodiversity in the many Mammals Halls (African/Asian/American.etc), travel around the globe by absorbing all the new-found knowledge at the various Culture Halls (Pacific/Asians/Central America/Native Indians.etc), get in touch with our human origins by knowing more about the human evolution from our ape ancesters till the form that we are now today,  expand your grasps of knowledge about the outer space at the Rose Centre … To simply put it, u need more than a day to cover this comprehensive museum in detail.


Dazzling, Animated (yes! animated!) Christmas window displays over at Macy’s and Saks 5th Ave that kept all passers-by in awe.

A visit to the road-side caricuturist. Was quite an awkward experience as we had many people who stopped in their tracks and stared OR giggled at us. Honestly, while I appreciate the artwork … I however, dont see much of a resemblance lol. Nonetheless, a momento for keepsake.

The ever-popular Rockefeller Centre Ice-Skating Rink. Jostling with the crowd on a certain XMAS EVE.


Day 13. Christmas Day. Central Park. Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

Central Park … the oasis of New York City. The one place that certainly enables one to experience a sense of soothing peace while being in 1 of the busiest city in the world. And thats where we spent our Christmas day morning at.

‘Romeo & Juliet’ Statue

Belvedere Castle

Romantic Bow Bridge


Ripley’s Believe It or Not. Truly, “the museum of the odd, the unusual, the unbelievable”. If you think you have seen the strangest and weirdest of things, try Ripley’s! Rmr to check out the wide collection of shrunken heads of the Jivaro tribe.


Day 14. Fifth Aveune. Palace Hotel. Top of the Rock Observation Deck. West Village.

Lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the TIMES SQUARE COWBOY. Yes, wearing nothing more than a pair of white briefs and cowboy boots in the cold winter!

A stroll along Fifth Aveune – Home of all luxury brands and boutiques. F.A.O. Schwarz, Apple Store, Bergdorf Goodman, Prada, Gucci, LV, Tiffany & Co. , Chanel, Trump Towers, The Plaza Hotel, etc … Not too different from Times Square, Fifth Ave is filled with crowds and hordes of people (many of whom are tourists, i suspect) all tempted by the ‘post-christmas’ sales, to do some damage to their wallets. Families hanging out at upscale kiddy stores such as FAO and DisneyWorld Gifts … Techno-savy peeps checking out the latest gadgets at the “oh-so-cool” transparent cube that leads down to a huge basement of APPLE products … Fashionistas toting new bags of purchases from luxury boutiques.

Friday at Tiffany & Co. Classic Tiffany Bow. Signature Blue Box. ♥   the birthday gift, baby boy.

New York Palace Hotel

To all the “Gossip Girls” fans out there, the ‘New York Palace Hotel’ should be a familiar sight as it is the hotel that the lead character, Serena Van der Woodsen lived in for a short period of time.  Funny how a popular series can make a place become an overnight chic destination.

Top of The Rock Observation Deck (72nd storey) offers unobstructed, sweeping views of Manhattan and the other boroughs from up above. We intentionally set our visit shortly before sunset so that we can enjoy both the amazing yet distinctive day and night views of the city. Some of the most prominent landmarks or sights include, Central Park, Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Brooklyn Bridge and East River. A glowing city of lights!

Nothing short of spectacular!

Decided to venture into a neighbourhood that’s less touristy and that was what we exactly got over at West Village. Had japanese food at a corner diner as we gazed out at the streets, watching people as they breezed past us. West Village is unlike the many touristy places that we had been. Alot more laidback, a more authentic New York downtown charm to it. Plus, there’s a wide selection of restaurants for you to choose from. As quoted from a website (gonyc.about.com), “When you’ve had enough of Manhattan’s tall buildings and bustling crowds, Greenwich Village offers a great respite with its calmer, more manageable feel, and Greenwich Village’s shorter buildings allow more sunshine to reach the streets.”

Bleecker Street is definitely a must for those who enjoy quaint, indie stores (think: Haji Lane) … We even came across a store that had sample sales for some designer loots. Hear this: $400-500 Ralph Lauren shoes going for $75. Cheap Bargains (but nope,we didnt get any thing). Other than that, it was a night of strolling around the village. There’s Washington Square Park where we saw the Washington Arc (modeled after the Arc de Triomphe in Paris), Magnolia Bakery of “Sex and the City” fame, Rocco’s bakery where we had heavenly tiramisu for dessert … and my fav hobby? Peering into the windows of the many townhouses and just admiring the decor inside of the homes.


Happened to come across a second-hand bookshop. Looked around for abit before settling on the perfect purchase ($6): “SHOES.SHOES.SHOES” – a book of illustration of countless of shoes and quotations by the one and only Andy Warhol.


Oh, New York … New York! A city that never sleeps … I will always remember Manhattan – the glistening stunning skyline of skyscrappers, the melting pot of different cultures all living together in one city, a collage of broadway shows & museums …  All in the city, being a romantic tourist enthralled by the sights and sounds of the city. But to become an inhabitant of the city? Probably a no, just too overwhelming & hectic for my liking.


What’s next? Many thoughts running through my mind but I shall leave that for another day to blog about. Meanwhile, school’s starting later and I guess, it’s back to the rut.  😦   Tell me, why are I stuck in a rut now that Im back?


2 responses to “.Part 5- Still in NYC.

  1. WOW! what a trip..
    Your parents look young.

  2. haha the caricature really doesn’t look like you guys haha. kinda but a bit lost in all the exaggeration of your various features!

    but man i want to be back in new york so bad i’m not gonna stop whining about it haha

    sorry about that in advance! =(

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