. Part 3- Barrie.

Part 3: Horseshoe Resort, Barrie

Days 5 to 8

The highlight of our trip. Well, first and foremost … it was our first time trying our hand at skiing and snow-tubbing (that is, if u exclude the attempt at Snow City). Certainly, a new and refreshing experience for each and everyone of us. Secondly, waking up every morning only to be greeted by fluffs and clouds of snow was definitely more than a delight. My camera failed to capture the awe and stunning beauty of the snow but truly, it was a breathtaking sight to behold. Finally, something terrible …. TERRIBLE happened. One that scared the shit out of us.

Day 5. Met up with my family (immediate big hugs & kisses from them! 🙂 ) and we had our own chartered limo that brought us straight from Toronto to Barrie. Lazed around the resort and soak in the “White Christmas” ambiance before heading down to the slope for an hour of lession with out ski instructors. Cheers to our ski instructors who patiently taught us the basics of skiing – position, brake, tactics. Skiing might look easy but darn, it was probably one of the most energy-consuming sport I ever attempted man. Those ski boots must have weighed up to 4kg/pair … It was extremely uncomfortable and awkward to be walking around in those boots. Braking wasnt easy too, especially when you are accelerating down the slope and to suddenly stop … let’s just say it often ended up with me falling on either my arse or sides. Ginnie did pretty good, and MK baby – being the thrill-seeker that he is – got the hang of it rather fast too. Think we spent a good 3hrs (till 930pm) practising our new-found skills before calling it a night. Too exhausted and hey, we needed all the energy that we could get for a whole day of fun and ski the following day!  🙂


Horseshow Valley offers night-skiing for those thrill-seekers yearning for some night adventure.

Day 6. Our day to hone our skiing skills. Started the day with a couple of hours skiing over at the Bunny Slope. Yes, the slope for beginners! Skiing – the adrenaline rush I got from skiing down the slope was awesome! Now, it’s quite contradictory but I love and am at the same time, quite fearful of SPEED. So, on one hand – While I will increase the speed of the skis; on the other, Im afraid of losing control and banging into things/people. Inevitable, I had a mini accident whereby I lost control of my speed and went zooming down, crashing straight into the netting barrier. Did a somersault and got my ski stuck in the snow. Immediately, the couple next to me shouted “OMG!” and asked if I was fine. No major damage done, just a bruise. Guess such sports will always come with its own injuries heh? Being the sweet bf that he is, MK would intentionally put a halt to his skis and fall on his side if he happened to see me falling down. That was his intention of keeping me accompanied.  🙂  Uncle  CK and Yvette guided Gin and Amanda so they were in safe hands and having a ball of fun.


After lunch.  Seeing that our dad is partially handicapped, all of us were full of pride that he is both courageous and adventurous enough to attempt skiing. Off, he went off for his lesson with his ski instructors. And you know what? As embarrassed as we are, he actually had a better control of his skis ( for instance, doing the zig-zag turns) than we did. lol.


MK baby wanted something more exciting and so, off he went to attempt the beginners’ slopes ( note: there’s a difference between bunny and beginners’ slopes). It was at this point of time when all XXX . From where we were standing, my sisters and I noticed this man having much difficulty at mid-point of the slope (it was pretty far and so, we couldn’t be certain if it was MK). He was stuck there for about a good 10-15mins. Gut instinct told us that it was MK baby and so, we made the decision to trek up the slope to help him. Yet before we could even reached him, that figure disappeared from our sight … and cz ginnie was the first in line, she saw a man crushing straight into the netting barrier. Initially, we weren’t sure if it was MK but soon, we realised that our fears had turned into reality. I was horrified … seeing that his whole face was covered in deep, red blood that continued to drip onto his clothes. First thought that came to my mind was, “OMG! OMG! We have to get him to the First Aid Centre immediately!”

Chaos! The paramedics at the first aid centre reccommended that we rush MK to the hospital immediately to get his stitches done because the cut on his forehead was pretty deep and very raw. Thankfully for Aunite PN and family, we had the means to get out of the isolated valley into somewhere more civilized. Cz if not, we had to pay like $500 cdn or so just to get the paramedics to drive him over to the nearest hospital, which was about a 30mins drive away. Yes, that’s how far we were from the nearest town (population: 120,000). A long wait in the hosp before the doc attended to us. 4 stitches, and yours truly was present to see the process of stitching. Nothing too gross but still, not a sight for the faint-hearted. Im just so thankful that it was just a minor accident and that he is fine. I mean, the consequences could have been alot worser off … break a leg? handicapped? paralysed? death? . I would NEVER want to lose you, NEVER. So baby boy, hear this: Being reckless comes along with its own set of consequences too. I realised that I didnt explain the incident clearly but MK went smashing into the wooden poles that were holding the netting up. Yes, those wooden sticks that caused the gash in his forehead.

Day 7. A day after the accident. The day that North America suffered tremendous snow storms that resulted many flights to be canceled or postponed. Huge clouds of snow billowed up, which obscured the sun in a hazy veil.  A less stressful day as compared to yesterday … Wandered around the resort, played with snow before going for the rounds and rounds of snow-tubbing down a 4-storey slope. Adrenaline rush, baby!


Weather at Barrie? Freezing cold, got as low as -16 degree celsius. No kid. And, that’s excluding wind chill. Frozen feet and fingers? YES. Seriously, if you aint skiing or snowboarding … all that you really wanna do is to coze up at home beside the fireplace. And yes, drinking hot chocolate too. How heavenly does that sounds?

Now that we are done with 3/4 of our destinations … where does it finally leave us to go to next? Well, Brace yourself for an adventure in The City!
Part 4: New York, New York …


2 responses to “. Part 3- Barrie.

  1. Ah! so scary! Luckily it was a few stiches and not more!

    But where is the netting? At the side of the slope? The net cuts his forehead?

  2. hey dear! I know… I was terrified too when i first saw his face covered in blood. Thankfully, it’s a minor incident.. nth too serious.
    Btw, it was the wooden poles that held the netting that he crushed into. Yea, at the side of the slope but the ground was pretty icy that day so he skittled down and went crashing into the pole! 😦

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