.The Last Weekend.

The last weekend in Buffalo before I depart. To say the “goodbyes” to friends whom Im so thankful for … for helping me create unforgettable memories of my stay here.  

Friday Evening
“The Game of Life” – Christmas Edition. Don’t you feel that life can sometimes be seen as a game? “Twists and unexpected turns. Peaks and valleys.” Having to make plenty of decisions in this thing that we call “Life”. This evening, Crosspoint Church presents to us a Christmas edition musical that revolves around the lives of 3 best buddies through the 1940s to today. The decisions that each had to make and what fate has in store for them … An excellent start to a line of jolly festive activities that I had planned for this Christmas. 

The Living Singing Christmas Tree (choir) at the back


Group Shot with Mary Lou, her 2 friends, Chantel, You Lin, Jane, Tian Tian & I.

She might be the oldest amongst us all, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t act like a kid. Trust me when I say that there is absolutely NO quiet moment with these girls around lol. That’s Mary Lou trying to be the Lion, with Jane&You Lin acting as the mane and me as the paws. Too abstract eh? haha.

The perfect timing. You couldn’t believe our astonishment and surprise as we headed out, only to be greeted by the beautiful sight of falling snow and snowy white ground. Finally, it’s snowing! In fact, I was just talking to a few friends earlier this week on how unusual it is that it hasn’t snow in Buffalo in December. I’ve seen snow once before in the alps in Switzerland but this time round, Im really determined to see and experience it again cz personally, snow sets the mood and spirits for the holidays. A wish for A White Christmas.

The four girls who might (hopfully) get to meet again in the City in December.  🙂

Duck! Run! Snowball fight! Always a fun thing to chuck snowballs at unsuspecting friends. :p

Take a tumble, fall onto the snow-covered ground. Wave your arms and legs and there you have it, a “Snow Angel”. Having read many western stories, it had thus always been a childhood dream of mine to create a snow angel. Now, all that Im left to do on my “must-do” list is to build a snowman.

“The game of life, we are all players.” First of all, I thank Anita for introducing me to the “American Friendship Partner” program, which brought me to cross paths with Mary Lou and many other international friends (Esp Chantel & You Lin. Darn, are both gals funny or what?! ). My only regret is that we didn’t get the chance to meet (due to conflicting schedules) till about 3wks back. Missed out on all those sessions of sharing & laughter but oh well, at least we got to meet. No prizes for guessing who will replace me in the next semester 😛   It’s someone whom I once said that I can never get rid of lol. :p  (T.T)



Well, not exactly a fan of waking up to the freezing temperature but definitely to the wintry snowy sights.

Went over to Sarah’s boyfriend, Zach’s house. I think Im destined to decorate trees and so for the 2nd time, the few of us decorated the tree with ornaments and candy canes. Can’t help but to go “Awww” when Sarah showed me a scrapbook she and Zach did together for their 2nd anniversary (they are in their 4th yr now!) … a book containing pictures, love letters, tickets, dried rose petals, etc … Sweet! I got to learn how to bake peanut butter cookies too but trust me, you wldnt want to know what goes into making those cookies. Let’s just say, nothing healthy.. all sinful. But that’s what that makes it so yummy. In between, got to watch the football match between the Buffalo Bills (They lost! 😦 ) and Miami Dolphins.

Just take a look at how gorgeous and grand the tree looks like!

Ever seen how pretty the houses are during Christmas season in TV shows and films? Well, that’s how it was as we passed by neighbourhoods with rows of houses decked in bright, sparkling christmas lights and decorations. Life-sized brightly-lit figurines of Santa Claus, reindeers, disney characters, snowmen, fairies, stars, candy canes, and the list goes on & on … Such a breath-taking sight that left me in awe of its splendour. Sure, Christmas has become so commercialised that it encouraged an annual frenzy of crazed consumerism. So much to the extent that nowadays, some complain that many have forgotten about the origins and beginnings of the celebration of Christmas. A free-thinker myself, I personally enjoy basking in the jovial atmosphere that Christmas brings … To anticipate the one holiday that never feels to boost the spirits and moods of many. To take in the sights of all the lightings, decorations and people getting into a mad frenzy over last-min shopping. Having said that however, I am not into the idea of attending club parties (which are increasingly popular) on the eve of Christmas. To me, it’s an occasion that promotes family harmony and so, like how I always celebrate Christmas – i want to keep it traditional by celebrating with the ones I love and cherish. 

A few more days left, 3 papers down & 2 more to go. Till the day I bid farewell to Buffalo.


3 responses to “.The Last Weekend.

  1. I’m flying in a few hours…



    Mk =)

  2. Happy Birthday pretty! 🙂

  3. happy bday! enjoy ur time with MK!

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