.Off for Thanksgiving break.

Update: In Boston, with my host family – The Briner – now. Seems like I’ll never get away from my roomie, Tian Tian. Who knows that somehow, a thing called FATE had plans for us to celebrate our first ever THANKSGIVING together and so, here I am sleeping just 1m away from her  :p  Do take note that neither of us made prior arrangements to live together, it’s just all pure coincidences. It’s gonna be a merry merry celebration as we have not just the Briners but also, 3 more UB pple so that makes it 10 of us, plus 1 papillon, 1 hamster and 2 gerbils. Goody!

The week of Thanksgiving
Not a person was stirring
For, everyone’s home or away for the holiday.
And so, I bid farewell to all as I leave for a weekend of ‘Thanks & Giving’ in Boston!
Goodbye Buffalo, Hello Boston!


One response to “.Off for Thanksgiving break.

  1. babe!!! why so suay! LOL. i’m jealous. i’m at where i’m supposed to be for thanksgiving le haha. hope you’re having funnnn (as i’m sure you would be)

    thanks & giving? isn’t it supposed to be more of giving thanks? hmmm. hahaha but i’m sure your way is right too though giving should be Xmas!!!

    i’m expecting you to give me a lot arh hehehehe. alrighty babe take care and enjoy your turkey!! sorry i didn’t wake up to say byeeeee! lovelove<3

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