.Everyone loves the weekends.

Thursday :Lasertron Sport & CyberSport
Cherlynn, Tian Tian, Kohei, Nadine, Karina, Adam, Chris and Brian

Thanks to Cherlynn dearest for organising this extremely fun trip. It was supposed to be a challenge between the “Girls” and “Guys” but … very unfortunately, there wasn’t any challenge at all cz the “Boys” beat us by a HUGE margin. And I conclude that Im such a girly girly … Tian and I make such a horrible team lol. We do aim and shoot at our enemies but don’t be surprised when you spot us running away from them cz we ran out of lazer bullets. On the other hand, Karina and Cherlynn definitely rocked the game … definitely gave the guys a run for their money!



Went down to ISI to visit Elaine and Hua Ge. Imagine my surprise when I received a greeting card from her in my mail box a week back! According to her, the serene picture on the card immediately made her thought of me.. such a sweet thought to know that someone’s thinking of me 🙂  The good old days when snail mails and love letters were such a norm … screw technology and give me pen/paper!

Finally got the chance to meet up with my American Friendship partner – Mary Lou after a LONG 2mths+ wait. Met new friends such as You Lin and Hae Sik at Jane’s cozy apartment! So much laughter. I think everyone loves to hang out with positive-minded people who have an insatiable sense of humour! Moreover, I got to bond with Mary Lou over talks on her family, career being a general practitioner, Florida (she has a house in Florida so that’s where she’s off for her frequent weekend getaways! … Miami! Bring me along too. ) , and our fav. topic as bimbotic as it might sounds – her freakin adorable yorkie, Hannah.

Religion has always been a sensitive issue to many, and for me- I usually prefer to be numb and quiet on the topic seeing that there are some religions that have beliefs which I can’t fathom. Very often, I find that people do not practise what they preach in their religions and so, I have to say that Im very impressed by how sincere and generous both Mary Lou and Jane are. Seeing that a refugee centre is in an extremely bad shape, Jane and Mary Lou thus hope to come with up a small project to gather enough volunteers to re-paint and decorate the walls of the building to give it a chirpier look … to source for financial and food sponsorships from supermarkets/organisations … to organise a book drive to collect more books to provide for the kids during the waiting period and finally, to show love and kindess to the children and women by sharing their God’s love through gospels and Bible reading. Frankly to speak, I can’t think of many people I know who will be so willing to give up so much of their time and energy on something so selfishless and for that, I have nothing but full respect and admiration for these 2 ladies here.

Saturday: Latin America & Caribbean Cultural Night at Buffalo State College
.Mary Lou, You Lin, Chantal, Zi Wei, Mrs Blackburns and many others.

Now that I’ve finally bonded with Mary Lou, how could I reject her invitation to head over to an International Cultural event at Buffalo State College? And so, off we went … to lend our support to You Lin who was a model for the mini fashion show. Somewhere along the night, I met Chantal – You Lin’s roomie – from South America and Zi Wei, who so happened is heading to Boston for Thanksgiving too! You know, it’s said that the world is only separated by 6 degrees and while I thought it was impossible back then, Im however starting to think that it could all be true.

There’s darling Mrs Bee in her red christmas sweater. A total sweetheart, she’s loved by all the international students. Despite being a granny, she however still makes it a point to invite students over to her cozy abode for some merry and fun … and chauffers them whenever they need help. I just wish that I can have that abundance of energy when Im at that age man.

Caribbean Steel Drum Performance … Latin Salsa dances .. Soca dance …

Princess Jamaica doing the limbo dance – shimmying under a pole just 8 inches off the ground. An incredible feat. for a girl who’s barely 16 yrs of age. Now, if I only am that flexible …

You Lin! You Lin! You go, gal!!

Pretty girls dressed in their fancy Carnival outfits and headgears.


So now that 13 wks have flown by, this means that I only have 3wks left before the end of the semester. My journey here is coming to an end, and like I mentioned many times before .. it’s something that I do dread. I know that once Im back, all my time spent here will be nothing but memories .. all fading into something that I can no longer continue with.  To have to leave my new-found friends and acquaintances and come on, we all know that the friendship bonds will never be the same when distance plays a part and all you have is facebook/emails to interact with each other. A message on fb hardly lives up to the physical presence of a real friendship but I guess the beauty of the whole experience is to absorb all that I had learnt and experienced, store it and move on … As the phrase goes “La Vita E Bella” … Life is beautiful, no point getting stuck in this frame when there’s bound to be other positive moments to look forward to.



2 responses to “.Everyone loves the weekends.

  1. The semester is coming to an end, continue to have fun and enjoy your long year end break with your love ones..

    *missing you*
    Cya back in Singapore next sem~~~

  2. I know.. I think you guys end a semester faster than us though (due to Thanksgiving break here). hrpmh, unfair!! lol. haha.

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