Twilight : A teenager finds herself giving up on everything when she falls for a vampire. Love the plot, and you know that I will def. love to catch this film.

Note: I just heard that the J-pop band SPEED is back! My fav. japanese band .. 🙂  wow, after all these years.

6 responses to “

  1. omg i wanna watch it tooooo!

  2. I love vampires… i have this dark fascination with them… :p

  3. i love vampire stories haha i don’t have some twisted dark fascination with them(like you, ahem) but i find their stories always so interesting hahaha

  4. i wanna watch also!!

  5. HA, im too lazy to log onto wp. but anyways, yea .. i want to too… it opens this wkend. Do u read the bks?

  6. wanna go watch!??!?!

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