Addicted to “Ghost Whisperer”.
Something that came in the mail for me 🙂
“I Love You” sealed with a kiss.
“DO YOU LOVE ME ?” YES/NO spin-the-heart charm.

Updates on our furkids!

Oh, how I miss pampering those little furkids of ours.




7 responses to “

  1. spin mine, it only says yes. 😛

  2. haha.. yours aint working lol. :p

  3. sigh. i jus realise ur blog eats up my comments. refer to site link, visual orgasm babe 🙂

  4. aite under my nick liett.

  5. hahaa.. thanks for the link babe! i know.. in the end, your msgs always ended up short. hrmph. why does it eats up your comments!

  6. *cheeks puff out*

    i do love all the pictures on your blog! haha

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