.sex talk in the jacuzzi … and more.

As above.

Having fun with the girls in the Hot Tub – though it was a little too hot for our liking. It would, however, to pleasurable to relax in an outdoor hot tub during winter when snow starts to fall. Hot-tub in the snow, what a perfect ambiance and setting for some romance in the air! Along the way, there was the girly sex talk (Which shall remained a secret amongst us 3) in the jacuzzi and well, more … leaving it all to your imagination. :p LOL. Oh we wanted to try ‘skinny dipping’ but in the end, we settled with ‘girls decided not to go wild’ route … Everything innocent FOR TODAY.



My 2 fav. girls in PINK ! So girly. Im excluded. 😦


5 more weeks to go before the end of the semester. In a way, it’s a dream that I wldn’t want to wake up from. At least not for now. It scares me to know that I will have to bid farewell to what has been 1 of my most unforgettable experience, my new found acquaintances & friends (especially my rommie, Tian Tian), and a new refreshing independent spirit within me. The past week had been eventful to say the least, from planning to executing 3 tabling sessions for my Public Relations project. Quite a hands-on approach as we had to plan tabling sessions to not only raise awareness for a UNYTS blood donation drive, as well as to recruit donors to donate blood. Thanks to my group mates’ ingenious idea, we came up with the theme of “Questionland” -having a spin-the-wheel game which definitely attracted alot of attention from people. Prizes and goodies to be given to those who played the game. In addition, I for one is someone who dislike doing flier jobs and so, with this project- we had to increase publicity for our tabling sessions by flyering pamphlets at some of the hostel blocks at Ellicott complex as well as around the popular spots at UB. We had our own challenges too; first and foremost, having keen competitions from other non-profit organisations who scheduled their blood drives on the 3 consecutive days before ours. Glad to say that the eventual turn-out for the event was pretty good. Nothing that’s more satisfying when we get to see all our hard work and effort reaping the success that it deserves.

So, what’s in store for me for the next few weeks? Finals aside (boring!), I guess it’s off to Boston for Thanksgiving (my first and probably only Thanksgiving holiday and I’ll get to celebrate it in a traditional way, with an American family.)  .. finally getting the chance to meet my American Friendship partner … more hot tub & chit-chat sessions with the girls … and well, it’s life. Never know what it brings about for one every moment!  

Baby boy, 13th Nov – we’ll start our countdown together 🙂  You have no idea how much you’ve been missed. What am I to do without you? love,love.



3 responses to “.sex talk in the jacuzzi … and more.

  1. i’m dreading the return toooooo sigh =(

  2. i just realized you wrote that we decided not to go skinny dipping, leaving it all innocent for that day..

    my only thought is: that day was INNOCENT???? my, my… i wouldnt wanna be there when you’re wild, not after knowing all the stuff we talked about 😉

  3. haha. that day was innocent.. all talk no actions yet. wait till i grope your boobs again :p haha.

    oh my! i love christmas… listening to xmas songs as im typing this out.

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