.Don’t you just love halloween?.

It’s strange how we don’t really celebrate Halloween in Singapore (till recent times) but somehow, it has always remained as 1 of my fav. holidays … after Christmas and CNY. So now that Im in USA – where Halloween is a big, celebrated festival – I decided to be sporty for once and rejoice in the Halloween spirit.

First Stop:
Get my future told at the Psychic Fair with Cherlynn & Nicole. Both gals got their future read via tarot card reading whereas I did something called the “Kirlian Photography”. Basically, it is a scientific method which measures the body’s energy in visual form – namely, an individual’s mental/emotional/physical/intuitive state. So no, Im still clueless about my future 😦  but it’s good to let it remain that way. Avoid any chances of “self-fulfilling prophecy”.

Besides, my attempt at Kirlian Photography delivered relatively good results – im pretty stable in all aspects and hence, am in good control of my different states of mind.  🙂  Yet somehow, the urge to get my future told is itching me to give other forms of fortune-reading a try …

Second Stop:
I almost didn’t go for this but to quote Cherlynn, “Boy, was I glad that I went for it!”. As most people know, Im a self-confessed chicken/coward when it comes to themed haunted houses. Im terrified to be in total darkness and to have monsters/ghosts/creatures of the unknown to pounce onto me whenever possible. Yet maybe it’s the Halloween mood, but surprisingly – I SURVIVED through this … and had a blast too. I guess, “more the merrier” … and having fun-loving friends helped make the fright journey more hilarious than scary! What a fantastic way to embrace the spooktacular day!


Third Stop:
Sam’s Halloween House Party

What’s Halloween if you don’t dress up right? So .. I decided to be sporty for once and get an outfit for it. I can always choose to look scary but I opted for another effect. Afterall, isn’t Halloween the only chance most of us have to look slutty/sultry/naughty/sexy and not get judged lol ? Trust me, the costumes do not come cheap. It was between this geisha outfit or a lil’ hot red PLAYBOY cigarette girl dress. Figured out that I probably wouldn’t feel that comfortable in a skin-tight outfit and so, geisha I shall be 🙂  I guess everyone should know what Cherlynn dressed up as … it’s pretty obvious. Wicked witch!

House parties are well, to me, different from clubs. People get quite wild and high … perhaps even more so than in clubs. So, what happens in the house stays in the house …




UB vs Miami OH Football Game

What a night to celebrate Election Day! Blue vs Red = UB vs Miami OH. and guess who won? UB … by quite a big margin too. 37 vs 17. Didn’t really get to enjoy the match as much as the first as I was helping out with ESPN. Sounds glam right but nope, it was nowhere near that. Instead, I was assigned to pulling cables for the mobile videographer and his crew … and shivering the entire time as I was underclothed for the unpredictable weather. Weather in Buffalo is erratic. All that I could think of was for the game to end asap so that I can seek shelter inside where it’s much warmer.

Just a night as an ESPN employee yet needless to day, it was a new insight into sports production.

– Many assistants (most of the workers for the night were Army recruits) for 1 videographer so it’s a common sight to be 4 men running around just to ensure that the cables do not get entangled. Quite comical, if you ask me.

– A very vague look into video-broadcasting.


My “partner in crime” for the night. Cables and more cables.



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