.Happy 10th Month!.

Hey baby love, it’s the start of a new month again.


3 responses to “.Happy 10th Month!.

  1. hurr happy 1st 10th mth of many 10 mths to come! smoooooooooch

  2. haha ure so sweeet still keeping track of e no. of mths. ahhh i love their devil outfit babe. i was so busy i din haf time to find a proper one n i only had an ugly devil headband thing. i think i gotta learn frm ur frens n dedicate more time to life’s more interesting pursuits. doing all these projects and having to deal with ppl i dun really like dealing with is killing me. 😦

  3. haha. of course, every start of the month means sth to me 🙂 how was ur halloween, where did u go to? i know man- i think the japs really put in alot of effort into dressing up.. to me, even more so than the Americans here. Maybe,it’s due to the fact that Halloween is sth new for them. Im gonna do a post on halloween soon! 🙂

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