.pre-halloween wkend.

Thursday Night
.Happy 20th Birthday, Sachi.
Surprise for Sachi !!! as planned by her gf, Kana !


Truly enough, the last cookout with delicious hotdogs before winter sets in. And believe it or no, it gets as cold as 0 degrees (or probably colder) and sunlights are hard to come by too 😦 

Halloween Hayride at Becker FarmCelebrating a night of fright & fun in a family-oriented tradition. Enter at your own risk, but never alone. You might just find yourself returning with a new found friend. Eerie and spooky encounters as we make a date with the unknown ( Vampires, Pirate, Hillibillies, Witches, etc) deep into the Becker Farms forest. Venturing into the Haunted Forest on a farm tractor … it’s something that we’ll never ever get the chance to experience in a city area. But first, we gotta tackle the challenge of entering the Castle Labyrinth and find our way out ALIVE … escaping the evils of unsuspecting monsters and creatures.


.Be Frighten, Be Afraid.

Anyone up for Dress up time?And we came home only to see all our Japanese friends dressed up in their halloween gears – sexy, sultry, cute, cross-dress, funny, scary …. they got it all. Everyone’s so sporting, enthusastic and feeling the fullness of the halloween energy.


 Not all devils are scary, there can be sexy ones too!

Best friends Tomoka and Risako looking all HOT IN RED.

Ever gorgeous Risako looking all babelicious (and I mean, REALLY babelicious) in her adorable lady beetle bug outfit.

Boo. Did he scare you?

Marilyn Monroe?

Ready for some action?
Bernice with Yuta, who’s dressed as the policewoman who’s all ready for some fun & action. 5-inch killer heels and handcuffs included.

Kana as “Keira Knightley from Pirates of the Carribbean” and Sachi as the “Darn Sexy Devil” .

Couldn’t help but to give it a shot to don The Mask. Frankly, I have NO idea how kohei can keep that mask in his room. I would be having nightmares all the time man and with my wild imagination, I can totally imagine The Mask coming to “life” and creeping around my room.


Pumpkin Carving Contest

Alas, there wasn’t enough pumpkins to go about 😦  and so, we had to settle with making ‘Halloween’ cards for lil’ kids! All designs created from scratch by yours truly :p  lol.

Failure’s hard, but success is far more dangerous. If you’re successful at the wrong thing, the mix of praise and money and opportunity can lock you in forever. – Po Bronson


2 responses to “.pre-halloween wkend.

  1. halloween in singapore is ddeeeaddd haha

  2. heh. I heard about the Zouk MASKED PARTY. you and a particular guy, loisa :p please share the juicy details! lol.

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