.what that keeps me looking forward…

… To end of semester …

“Honeymoon Capital of the World”
And, that’s where MK baby and I are gonna be celebrating my 21st Birthday at. So happens that it coincides with the “Winter Festival of Lights” – perfect timing, perfect place, perfect occasion. Could I ask for a more romantic way to celebrate my 21st?

Hold your breath and be awed by the falls in its illuminated wintry glory!

* 1st pic credit to Scott Duncan from http://flickr.com/photo/scottduncan

Other sights that we would like to visit before we join the family for some winter fun in the mountains

Always the case of a gazillion activities and so little time. Let’s count down together, baby love.


6 responses to “.what that keeps me looking forward…

  1. i wanna kiss you with the breathtaking falls at night as a backdrop =)

    can’t wait!

  2. i posted a really long comment but ur blog ate it up. HAHA.
    anyway, i suppose what im feeling now is really overwhelmed with the amount of work. and all these hustle and bustle does make you sidetracked and lose sight of priorities in life. maybe when u are back we can go for a trip together. grad trip baby!

  3. ah babe ur blog eats up my comments. ANGRY! haha nvm i’ll email u instead.

  4. The top photo of the falls at night is my shot. I do have a creative commons license on it, meaning you may use it, but you have to attribute the photo to its author. Please do so right away. Congrats on your birthday

    • Hi Scott!

      So sorry about that. I happened to find the pic on Niagara Falls at night during a random search on Google more than a yr ago and didn’t notice anything on the licensing.

      Anyway, I’ve done the necessary editing to credit the pic to you. Hope it works well for you! Have a great week ahead.

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