Just came back from ‘Sex in The Lounge’ … Yea, it was.. let’s put it … an amazing experience :p
Haha, but seriously – it was enriching to say the least. Got to learn abit more about the effects of STD. And it’s true that people here tend to be more open regarding such topics.

This week hasn’t been exactly that good for me. Nothing bad-ass happened, it’s just all self-inflicted. Times whereby I feel that Im losing my head… losing touch with my self-identity. That somehow, I want to declutter, detox and re-organise my priorities in life. To do something that feeds my soul instead of following the norms that are expected of us.  

With much time at hand, I’ve been reading up alot on ‘The Simple Life’ genre of blogs. Reading such blogs provide me with the opportunity to escape from being bogged down by the many commitments and relect upon contentment within simplicity that these people have managed to achieve. A cheap and nice ‘getaway’ when I can’t afford to travel overseas.

If you’re interested, here’s some links for your reading pleasure.


I want! I want! I want!

A teddy-bear hug from The Guy!!!
A Kiss from him.

A beautiful garden with flowers, vegetables and herbs.



Not always having to follow the crowd or feeling the need to conform to societal expectations.

To wake up in the morning and be greeted with a scenic sight.

Some puppy loving when the right time comes. (financial stability first!)

Doing what that made my JC life so colourful and meaningful. Take time out to volunteer.

I guess this is one that’s on everyone’s list. Travel around the globe.

Exercise. Baby promised me that he will be my personal trainer. Tone up, tone up!

Im materialistic to some extent and like many girls, I have a weakness for designer bags. My ultimate love? Balenciaga.

I might receive teasing from this but I wanna “Walk down the aisle” . Well yes again, when the time is right.  

What do you want?


7 responses to “

  1. Deng deng dengdeng! Deng deng dengdeng!

  2. will u get me the balenciaga bag? :p hahahaha.

  3. i know i want to volunteer with children.. =D

    halloween was FUNN! haha

  4. google nvpc. they have this e-match option which will match you up with choices that u prefer.

    yea, i havent done an entry for halloween yet!

  5. oh! that.. erm i think i can always swap the wedding band with a balenciaga eh? sounds pretty much like the same cost. and erm damn special. carry a bag down the aisle! foo!

  6. Hey ~~~ yea… Contented is enough ~~

    USA !! i have a friend there , how long you have to be there? Dun ponder Dun regret in anything u do and make full use of it !! =D

    This path cannot lead you to what u want, change another path that lead you to what you want… who knows ? U might be more happier like me!! LOL

  7. im gonna be here till end of this year… only 1 semester here :/ and already, im more than half way through. I know babe – it makes me happy to see you happy too .. still in the search for that path!

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