What’s new? Yet another ‘same old, same old’ weekend post. Please be in the mood for an overload of visuals. Pardon for the lack of words … there just seems to be an increasing amt. of work to be done.

Homecoming Carnival

The rides … The games … The bonfire … The fireworks
& more importantly,
The company !!!
. Cherlynn, Steve, Angela, Tian Tian, Xin Yi, Tomoka, Risako .

Letchworth State Park
. Cherlynn, Eugene (who is on an exchange prog from NTU. What a small world right? ) , Yan Shu ( From China but he was in Rome for a yr for an xchange. Im jealous. Rome!) .

I love how Cherlynn blogged about our day and so, Im gonna quote her in this entry. All credits to the GQ  :p
( http://cherffalo.blogspot.com/)

” Spotted at Letchworth State Park, our ladies C and S with 2 new friends enjoying the sights and sounds of Fall. Sources say the ladies shivered in the cold until they met their new friends who joined them and helped them along the hike, taking hundreds of pictures on the way.
We hear LSP is the Grand Canyon of the East. Did our ladies have fun? From the looks of it, they sure did!

– Cherlynn –

Falling in love with nature …
Fragments of Fall …
Would you wish to be here with me?

Day of the Dead

Time to reminise about our childhood days and indulge in some Arts & Crafts !
Art display by our talented artists:
.Cherlynn, Tian Tian, Xin Yi, Anita & Yours Truly.



4 responses to “

  1. OMG! the waterfall and the beautiful trees! How I wish I am there now. Feeling too emo lately, I need a break! This is right place for me to destress,haha

    Letchworth State Park is at Grand Canyon?

  2. nope, it’s not. Grand Canyon is at California- west of USA. im at at East. nevertheless, it’s still magnificent and breath-taking! 🙂

    Well, u can make do with Botanical Gardens back home! Im def. gonna head back there when Im back!

  3. huh..botanical gardens? is still as bad… I went there for a picnic 1 month ago with my orientation group friends. not as good leh as those gardens overseas.. HAHA

  4. haha. well, i guess if we try not to compare – it can be gorgeous 🙂 but i love central park at NYC. Should be celebrating Christmas there with my family and bf! so romantic! 🙂

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