It’s snowing! It’s snowing …
Wanna give you a kiss as the first snowflake touched my nose.

Winter is approaching …
The day is getting shorter as nightfall approaches faster ….
All that greets you early morning is the grey & gloomy sky …
It’s only mid-Oct and already, the temperature is a cold 2°C .

Makes me wonder how the subsequent 2 months are going to be like for me.

 Winter’s Gloom

 Grayness of winter

Implores us to be cheerful

In spite of the gloom

 – Sadie –


4 responses to “

  1. hey swtheart, the next 2 months will zooom past quickly okay. see you in 2oo9! meanwhile, take lotsa care (:

    p.s: i still cant watch the vid!

  2. u’re an exception – i really have no idea why the vid fails to work on u. :/ yea, winter makes 1 less chirpy LOL.

  3. Enjoy the winter, you will not get to have it back in Singapore!

    The leaves color are so nice… Yea.. how i wish i could be there too… =D

  4. i know! i think that’s the highlight of fall – fall foliage. yellow, orange, red, brown and some tint of green! lovely 🙂

    next up, u’ll probably see snow lol :p

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