.what does the future holds? recession!!

.A Perfect Day.

Brilliant smells of Fall time
Light breeze that seeps in through the windows
The start of yet another perfect day.

Come Sat, there’ll be more of such breath-taking fall foliage when we visit Letchworth State Park 🙂


Went for the “Should I go to Grad School” talk with Cher babe earlier this week. Personally, I feel like I need a break … a break from this momentum of academic pursuit in order to prevent burnout and explore other opportunities. Will probably pursue a post-graduate degree only after Im more settled in my career.

In any case, I was in quite a dilemma for the past couple of weeks. On one hand, I was toying with the idea of extending my stay here for Spring Semester and was hence, looking into the possibility of committing to an internship here. Pros: Extend my time in UB. Overseas working experience. Im not quite willing to wake up from this ‘dream’ of mine. What’s there more to say? Cons: Expensive! And with the impending recession and financial crisis, I doubt that it would be a very wise choice. Winter here is insane. On another hand, the idea of participating in the Disney College Program came cross my mind too. That would be something FUN! Work ( yes, we’ll be paid). Travel. And we get to attend interactive courses that teach us more about how Walt Disney “operates in key areas” – marketing/hospitality/people management. Pros: It’s Disney. Need me say more? Befriend more people from around the globe. Cons: The jobs offered are labour-intensive – merchandise, custodial, operations, etc and well,  basically job experiences that ain’t exactly that relevant to the career options that Im looking at.  😦 

I wish … I wish.. I could jump into this opportunity and forget about ‘being practical’. And finally, the option of returning home to complete my last marketing module and hopfully, either find an internship or some form of work to earn some cash. Frankly, the last option sounds good too cz it gives me more choices to pursue other interests. How great – Im gonna graduate in the midst of a recession!!! Definitely not something that anyone will look forward to.
MK is off to celebrate his birthday with his buds tonight. Club & PARTY your night away, love! 🙂  Im jealous, I’ve been listening to too many club/hip-hop music lately… I feel deprived.  😦  Promise me that we’ll hit the clubs together when Im back.


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