Happy 22nd Birthday,MK !!!

Been almost exactly a year since our paths crossed.

“Love at First Sight” ? Of course not (im a skeptic of that!), but there was definitely something special that I felt when I first laid my eyes on you. The night could have just ended at that – nothing but a night of wild fun and dancing. And it almost seemed like it was going down that path for us … a month of no contact. But nope, fate (or destiny or whatever you call it) has other plans for us and thanks to our lovely match-makers (special mentions: O and C ), we re-acquainted and started off on a fabulously fantastic note.

The “butterflies in the stomach” feelings that I experienced when you first held my hands. The sadness that I felt when I had to leave for a vacation in Egypt after our 3rd date. The anticipation that we both felt when we started long-distance smsing despite the fact that we were 13hours away from each other. And the hefty price to pay for auto-roaming sms (on my part). The first kiss that sent chills down my spine. How you stayed up almost the whole night and bombarded me with calls and sms-es to make sure everything was okay with me on 1 particular night. Finally, how you got me falling real hard for you at the Flowers Festival. It’s all coming back to me vividly now.

Coming into this exchange programme, everyone tells me that “Absence makes the heart grows fonder”. I know how tough it must be for the other party to have to go through this – for life’s as routined as usual. Being more than half-way through this, it has did nothing but strengthen our relationship more than ever. The best gift that we can give each other is ‘trust’ and ‘faith’. I couldn’t ask for more. It’s love.

I’m sorry that I can’t be there physically to celebrate your birthday  😦  But hey, I made sure that I had the presents ‘express mailed’ to your place and stop your misery of having to wait for another 2 more dreadful months. Bingo! I got u fooled too  :p

Happy 22nd Birthday, my boy  🙂

A final surprise awaits you!


3 responses to “Happy 22nd Birthday,MK !!!

  1. oh baby love. nothing can make me happier than those wishes that you sent over distance and time. so incredible how we started and nv is it gonna be impossible to see how we grow old together.

    its my birthday, but most significantly its darn close to the day when i first met you.

    i miss you, and i want you. 1212 come fast!

  2. Wah! high 5! I bought a watch for Isaac too! haha, we are both so sweet right. MK is so lucky to have you!

  3. i know, i saw from ur blog that u got him a GUESS watch ! 🙂 i guess, love prevails it all (to some extent). I miss my bf like mad now that we are miles away!

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