something that the guy surprised me with.


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  1. surprise! surprise!

    Brian Mcknight – Back at one (for the chase)

    Gary Valenciano – how did you know (for the falling in love)

    Collin Raye – Love, me. (for the continuation…on and on…)

    My birthday made ever so special ever since i met you last year.

  2. omg. so sweetttttttt 😀

    *wipe away tears*


    HELLO MY DEAR STEPHANIE! Your sister is absolutely bored. She needs to do work, it’s therapy for the boredom, lol.

    P.s. And she needs a bath too. X:

  4. pf:
    yea, that bf of mine lol. u and ur SO are really lovely-dovey too. i always enjoy reading such ‘love’ blogs too!

    pest! :p why are you on my blog? hahaha. :p u are mad – i need to send you to IMH man. who in the right frame of mind would want to substitute boredom with work? ONLY U. anyway, someone will be off to china real soon.

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