.did i mentioned that i love my wkends?.


A nice lunch with a new friend- Nicole- who’s a transfer student from UMich and who so happens come from Singapore too! It’s amazing to see how fast we both ‘clicked’ – and yeap, she told me lots of interesting stories about how wild dorm life at that uni can get. Brooze. Drugs. Sex. Sex. Just like your typical stereotype of uni dorm lifestyle as shown in films and shows. I guess the fact that she’s also having a LDR connects us both since we have a similar topic to talk about now  🙂  Gfs of LDR unite! More dates, more dates.. before I leave, babe!

ps: She has a hot korean bf lol.

As part of providing a vibrant and informative university lifestyle for students, UB has many workshops and talks in stall for us to either adjust to college life or prepare graduating students to the ‘real working world’. Went for the volunteer workshop but it wasn’t exactly useful considering the fact that most volunteer positions either need people to commit to a longer period of time (i only have 7 wks left) or have their own form of transportation. See 1 that says “LDR while apart?” … haha*  Im sure that I don’t need that but might just drop by to see what the lecturers have to say about this topic LOL.



A historical walking tour down Allentown – which kinda remains me of Greenwich Village in NYC. A little bohemian, the facades and aesthetics of the buildings and decors reflect a strong sense of historical and artisitic value. In addition, Allentown is also known for embracing the gay culture and thus, don’t be surprised when u do walk into a gay bar in future! 🙂 

Getting ready and all hyped up about this walking trip!

Some of the beautifully-designed houses/churches.

Perhaps, the most uniquely of them all.

See the “flowers” decor in the middle? It’s said that the owners painted that in mind to keep themselves happy and be reminded of “spring” when winter comes and everything becomes dark and gloomy.

This enormous house below is currently on sale for $350,000 USD (about $525,000 sgd). Think about it – half a million can probably only get you an executive HDB flat back in Sg but here … No, instead you get a huge house with a garden and a view to boot.

The oldest tree in Allentown

This is the exact spot of land where the famous author Mark Twain ( Great American Novel and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer) used to live at when he was a resident here from 1869-1871. Unfortunately, the house had to be demolished to make way for *surprise,surprise!* a parking lot.  :(‘   Where’s the spirit of preserving 1’s culture and history? According to the Buffalo Erie County Library, “His time here was significant and worthy of recognition as it shaped him as a writer and as a person. His time in Buffalo was the longest period that Twain had lived in one place since early childhood and the city was a place of firsts for him. Buffalo was the first place he lived as a married man, the birthplace of his first child, the first place he owned a home and the first place that he became co-owner of a newspaper.”  Definitely something commerable to mention about. 

Works of art and creativity as showcased by residents of Allentown. Fancy living in pretty pink/purple house? Anyone?

Mr “Make someone smile” who blows bubbles out of his apartment window everyday, in an effort to make Allentown a chirpier place for everyone to live in.

Nickel City Co-op
Now, what does living life at a Coop means? Basically, it revolves around the term “cooperative living” whereby you and many others (in this case, 14 people living under the same roof) build a strong community together and live. The belief is that the community should be collectivistic and hence, all landlords (each individual is a landlord) communicate, listen and reach a mutual consensus on decisions together. “See the power of cooperation.”  In a way, it mirrors the life of hostel living where all has a shared responsbility of keeping the bathroom/kitchen clean and making life more enjoyable as a unit.


“Wilcox Mansion” – Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site
The house where the then Vice-President of the United States – Theodore Roosevelt – was sworn in as the 26th President when former President, William McKinley was assassinated (right here at Buffalo, NY).

New international friends from China – Xiao Xiong, Wen and Virginia  🙂

A final group shot before we said our farewells !!

.UB vs Western Michigan Football Game.
3.30pm, UB Stadium

It’s a MUST to catch a football game LIVE and so, we did … being proud to be able to support UB. Frankly, Cherlynn and I were so animated at the 4th quarter of the game … screaming our heads off, shouting whenever either side got close to scoring …  so ‘crazy’ to the extent the gentleman behind us commented that we were more entertaining than the game itself lol. Unfortunately, UB lost 28-34 … which was quite a disappointment considering that they were leading 21-3 at 1 point of time!

What’s a football match without any cheerleaders right? :p   GO BUFFALO, GO UB!

Huge screen. My fav. part of it all? When they display “Kiss Cam” – an in-game entertainment during break- and broadcast couples making out in the stadium itself. It’s hilarious to see couples who will stare at the screen and start kissing each other when they see themselves LIVE on camera!

Dangers of kiss-cam, take a look at the video in the link below.

Thanks to the great company of both Cherlynn & Anita !  🙂


Went for the morning brunch activity “Boys can COOK … Girls can EAT!” as organised for our floor by our RA, Ali. But for the most part of the day, I was sleeping the entire time 😦   trying to recover from my flu. Isn’t it terrible to fall ill? Such a dampen to an otherwise lazy, fine Sunday!
My boy wants me to give a shoutout to him so … :p


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  1. i dont see you on msn anymore ):

  2. attention seeker 😦

  3. i think western weekends are awesome be it in ub or ubc =P

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