sick and unwell – currently nursing a flu. :(‘ 
Meanwhile, here’s a pleasant surprise that the boy did for us!
How’s that for a sweet idea?

– I wanna romance you in every city we step foot on –

– And travel around the globe with you –

– We shall reminisce the good times when we grow old…‏ –


10 responses to “

  1. There can never be romance without you. =)

  2. sweet & nice

    take care babe. heard tht winter is coming.. don’t get really sick k.. *hugs*

  3. MK:

    it’s a surprise that i predicted lol! haha, can totally read ur mind now man.


    the weather is pretty fine now … i think some of us are more or less getting used to the cold temperatures here. And, my roomie was sick too- before i did but she has recovered. left me now :(‘

  4. get well soon babe before i force feed you chicken soup or something!!

    and you tagged 17 pics of me!! most of them are fug too! sian. haha

  5. haha nice photos man (: looks like some love story.

  6. cherlynn:

    where’s my chicken soup? im still waiting for it… haha* i tagged more pics of u lol.


    i finally got that fb album worked lol. thanks, MK would be glad to hear that lol :p

  7. Hey, lil stranger here! But where did u do ur photos at? Is it possible to send me the link! They look gorgoeous

    Happea Girl

  8. i didnt do it, my bf did. i’ll ask him and get back to u again yea… but i know he did the layering of pics with photoshop. it’s a combination of the website and photoshop. will email u with the email addy u provided!

  9. Thanks so much girl! =) Appreciate it

    Happea Girl

  10. hurr can check out =D

    its a good start!

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