.all about being random.

Random musings as I end yet another day at UB or rather start a new day.

Was looking at some advertisements for my comm graphics class and I came across this series of ads for Smirnoff that definitely caught my attention almost immediately. It definitely has a unique advertising approach as it uses water drop collisions in coming up with magnificent liquid sculptures – martini glass, whiskey glass and highball glass. In a way, it manages to highlight the brand’s tagline of “extraordinary purity in every drop” by the splash. Small tiny details that make the overall picture more coherent … you’ll see that the set of ripples in a pool of water has been designed in such a way to achieve consistency amongst all 3 ads. In other words, the context of the “ground” remains rather consistent throughout all 3 illustrations but the “figure” changes and thus emphasizing on the versatility of the alcoholic beverage. Nice usage of photoshop to achieve such a desired visual to convey the message. I like it 🙂

Every girl’s fav. fall/winter attire. scarves. boots. leggings. outer-coat.  🙂

Absolutely cheap $7 tops for sale !!!

Bareback? I like it sexy though I didn’t get it eventually cz I doubt I will wear it that often anyway!!! 🙂


7 responses to “.all about being random.

  1. babe! the bareback is really nice! you look great in it! should buy man!! (:

  2. haha. im heading to south campus again tmr so maybe if its still there i will get it. its only $7 usd.. cheap right?

  3. so cheap lah! please get it (((: its cheaper than a meal man! that time ab told me i forgot what some meal that cost like $8 usd. HAHAHAHA.

  4. haha. i know which meal – i think it’s chinese at the falls outlet. super ex right? i miss hokkien mee, nasi lemak… i still rmr u owe me bdae cupcakes! :p lol, haha

  5. hey nice top (: you shd just get it anyway, cos im sure like you can always go for ladies night back in singapore as an excuse to just use the top. and you should come to south lake village more often then (: i like having visitors. i will probably have you over for dinner some day, and its not an empty promise. and if you are craving for anything just give me a call and let me know, then i will whip it up (: we can have chicken rice.

  6. HAHAHAHAHA!! hurry come back and eat!!! hehe. haven been baking cupcakes man. too busy. heh will try again during the hols! d:

  7. angela:

    woohoo! can u cook and whip up mouth-watering dishes? ha, everyone in dorm knows tt im the worst of the lot – dont cook, and i always live on takeaways or microwavable food. so unhealthy i know but oh well, im real lazy when it comes to heading to the kitchen and cook by myself lol. thanks for invitation, gal!


    ok, u’ll bake again during the hols right? no excuses for u now, not to bake cupcakes for me for my bdae lol. :p

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