.A great time at the countryside.

* gin: replies to u in this entry!

A breath of fresh air …
The soothing sound of rustling leaves …
The singing and chirping of the various birds …
The meadows and woods …
Surrounded by greenery and nature …
A little piece of paradise.

An idyllic look into a typical American country home (thanks to Elaine and her family’s great hospitality). Being bred and having lived my whole life (so far) in the city, I can’t deny that there are times whereby I miss the hype and convenience (esp, Singapore’s efficient public transportation system. ) of living in a city. However, “the grass is always greener on the other side” and so sometimes, I wonder if life’s better-off living in the country as opposed to in a city. It’s nice to have that form of simplicity in life … to plant your own vegetables, fruits (elaine can always count on her mini plantation for food supply! ), herbs (for spices!) and flowers (thanks to the lavendars that she gave us, my room smells much nicer now!)  … to have a pool to jump into whenever the weather gets too hot for your liking … to close your eyes and listen to the sounds of nature … to have a large backyard where your dogs and kids can run around in … to have outdoor tea parties with friends. To breathe in fresh, clean, unpolluted air every morning when you wake up. An edge over the city life? Im not sure about that cz afterall, there’s always 2 sides to every coin but 1 thing for sure is that if I could, I want the best of both worlds (who doesn’t?) – still live in the city (aint that where all the parties and abundant opportunities are? ) but at the same time, have a summer countryside/beach home whereby I can spend my relaxing wkends at. Aren’t we always so greedy? Life is full of paradox.

Definitely got to schedule a date with Elaine and Sara (Elaine’s daughter) soon again. By the way, Sara’s major is in Arts – painting, sculpturing, ceramics, u name it. And her bf’s major is in Music and he plays a wide range of musical instruments. Such an artsy couple, how cool is that right?  🙂  And, they both plan to pursue a career in teaching English in Thailand after they graduate.


A childhood wish that was never fulfilled. To have my very own tree-house and a swing. Influenced by the countless of stories written by Enid Blyton, I’ve always envisioned myself reading a thrilling detective book in a tree-house.

Wanting to feel the sun, sand and breeze? Fret now; now we bring the sand to the little kids in the sand pit box. Now that the kids are big, there’s no need for sand-playing time anymore and hence, it’s over-grown with weeds.

Flying off the Trampoline !

An unusual sight. Chairs up in the apple tree.

Water features providing good feng shui for her house.

Yes, a big house that comes along with its very own swimming pool. Perfect for lazing around at home in the summer.

The enterance to the patio.

What’s a big, cozy countryside home without man’s best friend right? Make it two – say “hello” to Dante and Emily!  🙂


Headed over to the bowling alley later the night for some mid-night bowling fun with the asian americans from Anita’s church. And honestly, I SUCK at it, seriously. Got ‘0’ for 3 consecutive sessions before I finally caught up and improved. Trust me, i got much better at it once i got the hang of it. Double my initial score for the 2nd game lol! A bunch of people with a great sense of humour and wits, Im definitely up for more gatherings with them!  🙂

Results for the first game. My score was a pathetic 48 points. Evidence of my skills when it comes to bowling. The 5 of us belonged to the “loser gang” lol – the other 3 goups of church friends scored way better than us.

Im impressed by just how generous some of the people here can be. Here’s just some instances:

– 1 of Anita’s friend actually got Anita a fridge just so that she can store her fresh food and whatever that needs to be kept refrigerated.

– Victor, an acquaintance whom we met for a couple of hours during the Taiwanese Student Association outing, passed JZ his spare laptop to help her tide through the following wks as her laptop crashed on her (i know, such a stinky timing!). And we’re talking about someone whom we barely know and already, he had offered to lend her a laptop. So right now, we kid about how JZ got him so mesmerized by her charm lol. Right, my dear?  😛

– Nadine kindly invited us over to her home (Long Island, NY) for thanksgiving week and even, offered to pay for half the price of a round-trip airfare ticket (around $300 usd) to Long Island for Tian Tian.

– Tomoka’s senior gave her a television (not a plasma or high-definition TV but still, it’s a TV!) and so, now lucky her and cherlynn (they’re room-mates) get to be entertained 24/7! Jealous? you bet i am :p


A sign that autumn is just round the corner. Colourful fall foliage, doesn’t everyone just loves a piece of Fall?

No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace
as I have seen in one autumnal face
– John Donne –


9 responses to “.A great time at the countryside.

  1. Hurr this is to Gin!

    Ok i did not see your comment way back.

    Oh don’t worry they weren’t mean, probably just being themselves.

    And well, its very hard for you to catch me cos i will most probably drop by on Sundays and sundays are like FUNDAYS for zhiwei and yourself.

    hurr catch me, if you can. muahuahakuahuahahhaa

    Oh yea, Beatrice Chia. I told steph that if she doesn’t know who she is i can show her Beatrice’s issue of FHM. lol

  2. mt. vermont? yea, i know where that is but travelling about is quite expensive plus i need to find time 😦 keep the mag yea, i wanna have a look at it lol. congrats on your first internship!

    beatrice chia? of course, i know who she is… why wldn’t i? haha, dont look down on me alright. ha :p is she a nice lady? no airs eh?

  3. to steph:
    aww. well. u haf like. every wknd off laas. so gd. y dun sg schs haf tt? im like dying in mass comm. lol. fine.. yepp she’s nice, no airs. tot she wud be all intimidating n stuff, bt nah. she has a really nice husky voice too. LOL. n off cos im keeping the mag! haha.

    to MK:
    haha! yea man. they r mean ppl by nature. (; heh. true…
    anw u shd drop by more often cos i tink e hamsters r lonely. i caught one of them trying to hump e water bottle or smth e other day. HEH.

    LOL. n i bet u haf e whole collection of FHM right.

  4. and steph, i just realised u replied on 3.16pm. ISNT TT 3 IN THE MORN FOR U? WHYEE R U UP SO LATE?

    im in the office nw n im feeling DAMN bored. as u can tell.

  5. haha. yea, dont u know that i slp at around 2-3am daily over here? and i wake up at around 9-1030am lol. cz my earliest class doesnt start till 12nn. Or like on thursday, 7pm. envious? ha.

    i know! i feel like im having a LONG vacation. im doing well in school and still, im always meeting new pple and trying to find new activities to do every wkend! i love my life here! 🙂

  6. ERRR! =____=” I think they’re just nice, helpful and friendly lor… lol… mesmerized?? -faints- not really!

    EHHH. bowling!!!! So fun! =( =(
    It’s cheaper than Singapore right…?

  7. jz:
    haha. yea, i think that some of them are really nice and helpful too. haha, i know… can’t help but to tease u alil abt it lol :p

    hmm. i dunno cz anita’s church friends paid for us.. but i saw the price chart- it’s around the same pricing as that in singapore. maybe, slightly cheaper.


    eh eh eh! jz memorized WHO? Excuse me interesting things please leave offline message for poor loisa!! haha

    and yeah, the people seem great there. Talking about total strangers who’ve just talked to you for a few hours, they sure are trusting and generous.

    but it’s good you know? It’s in a new environment when everyone makes an effort to live and look after each other. nice nice =)

  9. haha. yea, i think u will love the doggies too!! 🙂
    dante is a pitbull, a breed that’s banned in sg 😦
    doesnt it makes u wanna have a big breed dog which u can hug and cuddle too? 😛

    haha. that, you got to ask JZ lol :p it’s just that we love to kid her about it.

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