Just something that I did during Communication Graphics class …


6 responses to “

  1. nice!!! crap i wish i had taken comm graphics too =( boo

  2. YOU DID THAT? or did u like stole tt from ur friend. I bet u stole it right!!! hahaha. ;p

  3. hurr i believe that steph did that! all filter tweaks in photoshop!

    gin! have some confidence in your sis!

  4. cherlynn: haha. yea… u shld! i bet you will be having so much fun (though i got to admit tt the class is quite useless), photo-shop queen :p
    so much fun tonight,yay!

    gin: erm, PLEASE! i did it myself alright. Everything from scratch. bet you can’t believe that your older sis here can do that eh :p hahaha.

    mk: yea man! of course 🙂

  5. yay i’m glad you had fun =) I had fun tooo! anw, i need pics i need pics! hahas. later i come get from ya..

  6. ok, i will email the clubbing pics to u? 🙂 how was wegmans? i was doing work la, dots. 😦

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