happy 9th month

Happy 9th Month, baby love  🙂

So far away and yet so close,
We might be miles apart but distance is not a problem.
For patience is a virtue that we have both cultivated,
And I yearn for the day when we’ll be together once more.

4 responses to “happy 9th month

  1. The distance is only a heart away,
    never too far to be felt.
    The love that stands strong,
    burning like a fire,
    with the distance as seemingly a wind..
    keeps the passion burning

    happy 9th mth!

  2. my love goes out to both of u! ❤

  3. sara: Thank you so much babe! im sure MK and i can say that we love u too 🙂 Will reply to your email soon!

  4. hurr thanks Sara!

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