.downtown Buffalo.

.A guided tour around downtown Buffalo.

As sleepy and laid-back as Buffalo might be now to many of us (especially when you compare it to the Big Apple), it was however one of the most bustling cities back in the 19th Century.  In fact, it was home to not only to 1 of the world’s largest transportation ports but also, established as 1 of the world’s leading steel manufacturing industry. In addition, Buffalo produced 2 capable presidents of the USA – Millard Fillmore and Grover Cleveland, and had more millionnaires per capita as compared to the rest of USA. Definitely, a flourishing city back during its heydays.

A look at downtown Buffalo and some of its most magnificient architectures (some of which were strongly influenced by European influence).

Buffalo Shea Threatre, St Paul’s Episcopal Church, M & T Centre, Market Arcade

St Joseph’s Cathedral

In my opinion, perhaps the most victorian gothic influenced landmark in Buffalo. It currently serves as the main church to most of the Catholics in Buffalo.

Further Look:
City Hall (which houses the best observation deck in the city) , M & T Centre, Inside the St Paul’s Church, Guaranty Building

A preserved building that was supposed to be torn down to give way for a multi-complex car park. It’s now home to a child-care centre on its first and top floor, as well as luxurious apartments. According to the guide, a luxurious apartment in downtown Buffalo costs an average of $2500+ /mth. Perhaps, even more reasonably-priced as compared to some of the real estate we have back home.

Erie Canal:

The key to the city’s metamorphosis into 1 of the world’s major shipping port. Its origins of its success is pretty much similar to that of Singapore ( ideal location, heavy shipping traffic for businesses to be exchanged). As a result of the growing shipping volume and activities, Buffalo thus bloomed tremendously as many businesses capitalised this opportunity to expand into other prospering industries. Immigrants flooded to the city for more job opportunities and a better standard of living and hence, created the bustling city that Buffalo was.

Loving JZ’s funky and hippy look! Sunglasses – checked. Scarves – checked. Hat – checked. Patterns – checked. And she’s all set to go 🙂  PS: She does great, creative graphics and animations too! Im so gonna steal those animation pics from u dear!

A candid shot of Cherlynn taking a picture of Tian Tian.

Cherlynn doing what she does the best – using the camera for a certain purpose :p


Attended the “Late Night Murder Mystery” event on Friday night too. Not too bad  🙂  Something different for a change.

Isn’t it great when your family gets along so fantastically well with your SO? I smile to myself when I realised how baby love is so integrated into my family. Even in my absence, everyone welcomes him with wide open arms. Dad even commented that MK is “now part of the family.” Grandma estatically greeted him when he went to visit them yesterday. And I just got to know that both MK’s bro and mum read the blog periodically as well. The feelings of being so deeply in love with each other. Till we meet again on the 12th Dec and have a blast hitting Toronto and New York City together  🙂

I hate the severe acne problem that Im currently battling with right now 😦


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