And the weekend is gone again … Part 1

Weekends are always weekends over here at UB, which means = we play hard during wkends!!! Busy week ahead so it’s mainly just visual overload for now.

Friday Night:
Cook out with the girls, room-mate and new friends.

Preparation Process, and as you can see from the pics that Im no part of the cooking team. Somehow, i’ve a feeling that it will probably take a whole lot more of effort for me to fulfil that particular New Year resolution … but well, New Yr resolutions aren’t always meant to be fulfilled right? Besides, there’s always next year. With friends who cook so well, I wldn’t mind staying in to eat all day long.

Tian Tian, the main chef of the day!

Xin Ya, who whipped up a mean dish of yummy cow’s liver. And you know that I devour internal organs anytime. Loisa calls my taste for food “weird”.

Alvin, who’s here to steal the food

Mouth-watering dishes that made our growling stomachs desiring for more.

All famished, and ready to tuck into our very first home-cooked meal.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts! Thanks to Eileen dearest. As everyone knows, it’s a bite into dessert goodness … “a cornucopia of donut delights!” … Trust me though, the original traditional glazed ring doughnut is still the best. Boy, u pple are def. missing out on something heavenly!


A walk into the countryside, and so off we went to the Murphys Orchad Farm for some fruits picking fun.

Stop the time and go back into the past. Here’s the old-school “magic school bus” that transported us into this land of natureness. Exactly just like what you see in American movies & TV shows.

History behind the farm:

Not just an ordinary farm – the Murphy Farm which was also known as the McClew Farm back in 1850 played an important role in the Underground Railroad History. Below is the information as found on the main website ( )

” Charles McClew established this farm, now known as Murphy Orchards, in 1850. Charles and his wife Anna Marie are believed to have been involved in the Underground Railroad Network from 1850 until 1861. The house, barn and orchards themselves remain virtually as they were when built 150 years ago, offering an authentic setting for sharing the history of the Underground Railroad. Additionally, as a working farm, we are able to demonstrate a real, hands-on illustration of how farming in the new American Colonies eventually led to the horrifying chattel slavery that existed for generations.”

The enterance to the barn which has been kept relatively unchanged since it was first built. Stepping on the actual ground that paved the way to freedom for the many slaves.

Journey to freedom in Canada,
the exact enterance to the concealed chamber beneath the barn.

A closer look into the underground tunnel.


The different kinds of fruits available for picking – apple, pears, pumpkins, rasberries, plums … Take your pick and get ready to embark on a journey like never before! Eating packaged/sealed fruits from the supermarkets can never match those that are freshly picked from the trees.

Nothing makes me happier than coming to a place filled with flowers of all sorts. Reaching a state of euphoria, I never want to leave this place. Take a look at the sunflower which is frankly as big as that of my face.

The highlight of the trip! Bringing back childhood memories where we cooed over every single sight of the ‘oh-so-adorable’ animals. Sometimes, just sometimes … the child in us kicks back in.

Being in the limelight has never been easier. Camera – checked. All ready to pose – checked.
And … … … the madness begins.

Beautiful Day
– Andrea Borden –

The day begins with morning dew
dressing flowers outside your bedroom window.
The sweet scent of lilacs are in the air
and the birds are singing a song that mimics “Ode to Joy”.
Today is your day to shine.
A time that is all yours,
to do what you wish.
You can follow your dreams today.
It doesn’t have to be found at the end of a rainbow.
The treasure of life awaits your signature.
All you need to start,
is put your feet on the floor.

Life’s Fleeting Moments,
by robritt

” We learn every day we live
as we travel on life’s path
to treasure good things we get
and try to curb our wrath.

For life is too short to be angry
you should cherish the love you find.
We may not come this way again
in your short and earthly time.
For life is fleeting on this earth
and in moments we are gone,
so use it to the maximum
and make happiness your prime song.”

6 weeks since I left home for this journey. All the unforgettable memories with great company and happiness are but long-lasting moments. Moments that come and leave so fast that we hardly have the time to digest and take it all in. The moment where life seems totally perfect is just way too short .. splendid but always fleeting. Usually forgotten when something else takes precedes in the next waiting moment. Is that what “living life NOW” means? To truly cherish the lovely time spent at that exact point of time without a care in the world? There are times whereby I wish that I can turn back time and stop it so as to re-live all those moments once more. But I know, it’s impossible. And so, I blog about each memorable day in my life, in hopes to have those memories etched into a part of me. To capture the memory, the sense of emotions and feelings at that point of time. To build up a collection of past memories in my remembrance, which I can look back and reminise when age catches up with me.


.Weekends, Part 2: Darien Theme Park. up next!


7 responses to “And the weekend is gone again … Part 1

  1. AHH omg i wanna pluck them apples and strawberries!

    i still rmr how i used to pluck apples from a small farm in perth loooong loong ago. dammn fun la totally famous five-ish.

    and the pics are gorgeous babe!

  2. hey dear!! 🙂

    i know… we can pick strawberries at erm, m’sia too. cameron highlands lol!!! haha. and, someone’s turning 21 soon, in abt 1 mth’s time! 😛

  3. ahhhh im gonna go salsa next tues! yeah oli is gg to turn 21. just hopefully, we’ll be able to go overseas?

  4. The last pic is just gorgeous love. Wished that i am the raspberry instead!

  5. liett – ooh, salsa! yea, i rmr u telling me how much u enjoy salsa dancing! ohh, are u guys heading overseas for oli’s bdae? where to? sounds fun! 🙂

    MK- too bad for u! :p


    you eat practically everything.

    funny appetitie of yours…


  7. helloo. wei’s dad ask u to go t some mt. vermont or smth. wdv its called. cos its very nice in autumn. n i got pretty timberland boots. u can see em when we go over. n tmr is my last day of internship, which pays measly. like. $412.24. bt oh wells. i like seeing my name in pretty font on e magazine. heh. n did e horses look n smell pretty? oh btw i interviewed beatrice chia. bet u dunno hu she is. LOL. n sat is auntie cindy’s bday celebration so we’re gg t goodwood park to eat. gee.

    OH N HELLO MK. i missed seeing u last last wknd. i heard my aunt n uncle came n they were being mean poks. dun worry. i dun like em either. (;

    i tink im high on grapes.

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