Events and more events … it’s no wonder why it’s easy to play hard and do no work.

Think that ‘Speed Dating’ is a cheesy idea? How about Speed Friending instead?

It’s hard to say NO to a party when there’s all the FREE FOOD (read, pizza, buffalo wings, chips, beef, drinks) available to us.  

Time to get those dancing shoes and starting showing the rest the moves!

I’ll definitely be up for something thrilling, something mysterious ….


1 hell of a wkend !!!
Busy week ahead – time to catch up on studies..
 will be updating soon!

Ps: Am listening to Cherlynn doing her live show on the WRUB Live Internet Broadcast now! ( a UB student-run radio station). And she just gave the few of us a ‘SHOUT OUT’ via broadcast!


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  1. haha thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and posting a comment. most people can read but dont understand instructions when you ask them to leave a comment. oh well (: im glad that all of us are having fun here and im glad that i got to know you better in UB. so, we should hang out more often. quite sad that we live far away from each other. but theres always CL classes to look forward to. (:

  2. hey! im glad to know all of u from biz better too. yea, 3 CL classes in a week … that means i’ll be seeing u quite often for this semester too 🙂

    ps: im still envious of your apartment.. so much more space than my lil tiny dorm lol.

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