Post Secret

If you are an avid fan of reading blogs, Im sure that there’s a point in your life whereby you must have come across the ever popular blog – Post Secret (180 million hits & counting). So, anyway the founder of the PostSecret project – Frank Warren- will be heading over to UB for a talk on the 9th Oct to share his story and all the touching & inspirational stories that he had received with students. In case if you have no idea what Im talking about, Post Secret is a highly successful blog which started a phenomenon that allows people from all around the globe to post secrets via creative postcards about their most embarrassing moments which they rather hide from the others.

Want to know what stinks? I have my PR class on that day 😦 Yes, 3 night classes on consecutive days!  But you know, Im contemplating skipping class just for this special talk.

Examples of Post Secret postcards (all pics credited to the site):

A heartbreak on its way?

An ingenius idea to ask for bigger boobs!

I thought I was in the exact same position once too.

A scenario that I hope that I would never have to face.

Since we’re on the topic of blogs, here’s another love of mine:
I love how she’s able to produce such hand-drawn graphics to convey meanings and stories which we can relate to. Simple illustrations but nevertheless, a great example of using solely graphics to convey humour and wits! Always a reading pleasure for a tired soul at the end of the day.

(all following pics & story credited to stick girl)
Here’s a story about a girl and her love for designer bags. Who doesn’t anyway? Still a dream of mine to purchase a Balenciaga bag!

Im beginning to enjoy school alot, definitely a decision that I never regret. A million activities and events. Free health & wellness ( yoga, pilates, muay thai kickboxing *baby!* , and many more ) programmes. International diversity. Seriously, what’s there not to love? And yea somewhere along the excitement of having such a bustling university lifestyle made me forget the main priority – which is to score excellent grades!


7 responses to “Post Secret

  1. check out this places in new york
    la maison du chocolat , world’s best chocolate ( 1018 Madison Avenue ), get the assorted pralines or champagne truffle.

    ippudo ramen(65 fourth avenue )

    shake shack burgers ( madison park )

  2. hey! thanks, i will keep a lookout and try visiting those places again when im back in NYC at yr’s end. I love chocolate so you can imagine how heavenly it would be for me to head there!

  3. Dear oh dear,
    Your blog posts are SO, SO, LONG! Its been only a week since I visited, and you’ve updated so much.

    You seem like you’re having a great time there, and USA is what I envisioned it to be! Open-mic sessions, free tutoring…there’s just this spirit of creative pursuits, there, isn’t it? Like the possibility that anything can happen? Man…

    Talking about clubbing, it just aint’t the same without you. I kinda wish you were here to meditate between the 3 of us when we’re clubbing! 3 is not a crowd, and of course, problems did crop up when we went clubbing on C’s birthday. -sigh-

    I feel that you’re learning so much more about yourself babe while you’re overseas and that’ great. i think u’ll come back wif a US Accent for sure!

    Ahh…postsecrets. I used to play with that site for awhile but i used to post really childish stuff like…” Oh no! I kissed a boy today” AHAHAHA. but yeah. its a fun site. hmm, secrets in my skeleton!

    Missing u badddly steph! And wondering if i should go on that australia trip. Advice?

  4. hey dear! 🙂

    that’s a long comment that you posted too lol. anyways, yea – it’s been rather good so far. lotsa activities and events to encourage pple to mix around and socialise . too many, in fact! But yea, there are still times whereby I reject offers of heading out so that I can concentrate on doing my assignments 😦 And there are also some other problems that i have to face (not good to say here, will probably email/msn u about it).

    nah, trust me. i still speak like a singaporean so i pretty much doubt that i will return with a US accent.. it’s only 4mths dear! haha.

    as for the aussie trip, im not sure if im the best person to ask but i do have a passion for travelling. So, i will certainly say ‘yes’ to it – it might not always provide the insight into the other country’s culture (for its too short a time) but going there to gain a wider perspective and having fun in the meantime is worth it. i always say that going overseas is probably 1 of the best luxury that we can have 🙂

    ps: what happened on that night? it’s ok, u can tell me via email/msn dear.

  5. steph!! i dreamed of you last night!! woke up missing you like A LOT!! it just made me realised how much i’ve gotten used to you being around in school… =(

    and UGHH PR!! my pr teacher’s BOBOBOBOBOBOBOBOBOB! and he’s MADNESS! PR plus advertising with him. No sleep. -_______-

    come home steph! haha but wait, enjoy the 4 months there then come home and share with us EVERYTHING! reading ain’t the same. must hear it haha

  6. ” There’s this other exchange programme (based in London) that’s being offered exclusively to UB students over Spring 09 semester. Sounds tempting, esp when it includes the opportunity for internships with established advertising, branding & marketing companies”


  7. loisa:

    haha, u dreamt of me! i was just telling joc and co. that i had a nightmare that all of them decided to turn their back against me and abandon me lor! it’s easy to get caught up with all the exciting events and activities offered here – havent done much serious studying yet 😦 which is BAD!


    haha, that’s a programme offered by UB (in Buffalo, not SIM) to all students, very similar to the exchange programmes offered by local universities as well. I saw your blog post, and yea ‘cost of an exchange programme’ is certainly sth that might deter 1 from going on an exchange (Was in that situation earlier this yr too). it’s gonna be a decision whether you wanna save that sum of money for sth else or to spend it on an exchange trip and make the full use out of it. Sure,there are so many activities that you might find it hard to concentrate on studying but at the end of the day, it’s all about compromising and trying to work it out to get gd grades too. 🙂

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