what’s my future like?

 Take a look at the prediction that my fortune cookie states.

” Just wait for the right moment. Keep your eyes and ears peeled. ”

Speaking of future, I decided to answer a xanga featured question ” What is the next big step in your life? ”

I wish I can say something exciting like ‘ taking a year to travel round the globe’ or ‘heading to yet another country for another overseas study experience’ or ‘getting hitched’. (nah, not the last one) but nope. Instead, it’s probably something expected/routined. Not a huge leap from a normal life of an ordinary person.

1) Turn part of the studyroom and refurbish it to my very own cozy corner. !!! Believe it or not, but Im still sharing rooms with my sisters so having a little personal space would be ideal. Living large in a small space, that’s what im aiming to work towards. A little place where MK baby & I can go and hang out together & call it “our own”.  🙂

2) Graduation is round the corner too, so I guess that is going be a big transition in my life. 1 of the biggest change that an individual has to go through – from being a FT student to working full-time and having to earn my keeps. Talk about growing up and taking responsibility.


More important than those goals as mentioned above, I think the key factor that I would like to tackle in the future would be learning to let go and working towards at ‘becoming older and wiser’. We carry along with us many unpleasant memories from the past – burdens or regrets that continue to weigh us down. Time heals but sometimes, the feelings of auguish, hurt or regrets might still prevail and remain deeply rooted in us subconsciously. To truly forgive, forget and let go of all those unhappiness is what that I hope to accomplish over time – it’s not easy and frankly, I can’t say that Im 100% confident of being able to do that but hey, that’s what that I hope to focus on and to take each step slowly , one moment at a time.


Side-track a little, I was shocked and totally dumbfounded when I read that the famous theme park “Astroland” at Coney Island had closed down its operations for good on Sunday. (Source: The New York Times – which by the way, is free for all UB students). Having just been there barely a month back, I didn’t expect it to be my first and final time visiting Astroland. Looking back, we almost didn’t even make it to the iconic Coney Island which has been famed for being the place to go to for thrill & exciting rides. ( Well, Coney Island, Brooklyn vs Big Apple, NYC … the latter sounds more tempting right? Needless to say, Im delighted that we made the right choice.) Though it has fallen a long way from its grandeur days, Astroland is nonetheless still widely adored by many – ranging from tiny pre-schooled kids to fun-loving teenagers and even to adults who feel a sense of belonging to it. To quote the article, the closing down of ‘Astroland’ simply signifies “yet another vestige of old New York lost.” Makes me wonder, ‘Will all legendary landmarks eventually be demonished one day to give way to modern infrastructure? Can new works of architecture ever match up to the glory, classic landmarks of yesteryear?’ In a way, it’s difficult to imagine what Coney Island will be like without its legend.

Goodbye Astroland,
Que Sera Sera


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