So, how was your week?

~ Just a recollection of the past activities for the week ~

More visuals of the surroundings of UB.

When dusk falls …

Back home – gone are the days that we still rely on such chair-cum-table. By the way, do you know that UB still uses blackboards (long extinct in Singapore) for their lecture halls/classrooms ?!

Speaking of “old-school items” … don’t the following posters remind you of the days back in Primary school where we had to draw and colour posters for our projects? “People seem to get nostalgic about a lot of things they weren’t so crazy about the first time around.” (quoted from an unknown author) and it’s true. I dont recall getting so hyped up and thrilled over such posters back in ATS. The fact that I’ve taken so many pics of the following signs/posters is a testimony of it. And trust me, it’s hard not to notice the signs where they are plastered all OVER campus!

Who says that it’s all just about fun, alcohol, drugs, and sex in an American university?!? It’s all rubbish. Look at the no. of posters we have here to promote “safety education and the precautions that we should take against such dangers” and you’ll understand just how “safe” we are. Free condoms provided, if that’s an incentive.

Wanting to quench your thirst in the middle of the night? No worries, for there’s free flow of milkshakes and smoothies available to all residential hall students.

American Idol, anyone? If you got it baby, flaunt it!

Now now, there’s no need to worry about not being able to grasp the concept of the various modules as we have kind souls out there who are willing to offer free tutoring to those in need of help.

That’s 1 thing that I love about UB. They truly advocate “recycling” … something which I honestly think that more Singaporeans should do. Having the various recycling bins located around campus do motivate me to want to recycle my ‘used 1 gallon water bottles’ too.

Open Mic Night Event

Went ahead for the event with Jocelyn, Jia Zhen, Eileen & Cherlynn. As passive audience, not participants. Some were good, Some were alright “so-so” and of course like everything goes, there were some who were embarrassingly bad. All was however in the name of fun and besides, you really got to admire them for having the guts to showcase their talents in front of a live audience. Such nightly events/activities that make the residential hall living ever so enriching and vibrant.

A band in action, but what that stood out was the guitarist’s hairstyle which frankly reminded us of a rooster!

The guy who ‘took my breath’ away when he began singing along to the theme song of “Pokemon”. Our instant reaction was a uniamous “erm…” . Still u got to admire him man, would u have gotten up on stage belting out a cartoon soundtrack?

A couple who failed in their attempt to sing along to the song. But hey, hurray for dancing to it.

Diva in the house.

Kohei’s 20th Birthday Dinner.
Not too much of a surprise here that we chose a japanese restaurant – Kyoto – to host the mini-celebration for him. My first japanese meal in Buffalo, and dare I say that the money was well-spent.


The usual “let’s get together” tomodachi (meaning ‘Friends’ in japanese) pictures!
Left to right, top: Kohei, Nadine
bottom: Cherlynn, me, Tian Tian (my lovely roomie)

What’s with the boys (Adam and Kohei) and their “peace-loving” signs?!?

Here’s Adam giving up on using the chopsticks and attempting to swallow the sushi down in 1 gulp. What’s the rush, my friend?

Bottoms Up for Kohei’s 20th birthday. And apparently, coming out of the ‘teens’ and into the big 2-0 is a huge thing for the Japanese. Similar to our “Big 21st Birthday Celebration”.

Birthday boy blowing his birthday candle. That’s fried ice-cream that you’re looking at and yes in case if you’re wondering, it was on the house.  🙂


Since we’re here at Buffalo, what’s wrong with a night out to experience the clubbing scene over here? However, the highlight of the night had nothing that’s got to do with clubbing and fun. If you ask me, I would say that Im impressed and blown away by the service offered to us by our lady cab driver. Taking her job seriously and not 1 to ditch her customers for others, she actually waited 20mins for us (mis-communication due to a fault with the taxi operator) and gave up 2 other prospective clients in the process. Strike a friendly conversation with Cindy and she’ll tell you all about ‘the scams that local taxi drivers use’ , ‘safer spots in Buffalo’ amongst many other advice, unlike that of the usual “driver drives while we sit at the back, obsessed with our sms-es” style. Then again, baby boy always talks to the cab driver and in the end he gets a few bucks off the cab fare. So, try it out and who knows you might just get it at a discounted price! An incentive for being friendly!


i lost my mind to you

All that glitters is not always gold …
                           seeking perfection in imperfection… …

Wishing that life could be more perfect, but knowing that the level of absolute perfection will never be attainable for everyone is flawed in 1 way or another. Afterall, the world is shaped with a varying of opinions, judgements and critics – there’s bound to be one day when the seemingly perfect world of ours take a hit and loses its “bed of roses” stance. Days that gone by, dwelling on negative thoughts which theoretically we shouldn’t but at the end of the day, only we suffer as we ended up being beat up over stuff that others say. To seek perfection in our imperfections … Some say that imperfections were precisely what that make things so brillant because they add personality and a diversity of emotions into our life. It might not always be that appealing to the mass crowd but it is exactly those aspects of imperfections that seperate each of us apart and not be clones of one another.

As quoted from this article ( reference to: ), “The things that people label in others as being problematic or unattractive, actually are the bright strokes of colour unapologetically being swiped across their canvas.” How do one reach that stage of contentment in life? It’s amazing to see how we can slowly piece those little pieces of imperfections in our life together and appreciate the beauty that it brings and radiates as a whole. A stage in our life where we can come to peace with all flaws that’s bestowed upon us. Heck, is ‘perfection’ even existent to begin with? 




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