Setting the scene …
It’s a rainy day …
Gloomy & Dark, it makes me think of everything that’s got to do with home.
Know what’s the No. 1 thing that I think of the most?
Food !!! Indeed, every Singaporean’s favourite past-time.
The greedy pig in me that’s starting to kick in once more.


An interesting read on ‘photo essay’


4 responses to “

  1. How’s the western food over there so far?

  2. YEAAA!! HAHA. actually still got pretty long lahhh. Like, 23 days. AHAHAH.

    Have fun overseas darling!!


  3. cherie:

    hmm. fast food aside, the western food (burgers, etc) are delicious. It’s ironic to see how i tend to eat more asian food (esp chinese and korean) now that im over at USA. Western food just doesnt seem that appealing anymore.


    yea. how do u plan to celebrate your birthday dear? 17th right? young!

  4. hey girl, my first msg din get thru lol. but anyways, i was saying i’ll be replying u soon! ive been SWAMPED with school basically, and it’s only been the first HALF week! omg. anyways take care love!

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