The wonders of Bitching

No one is perfect. Everyone is flawed to some extent. Everyone has a past. I’ve long accepted the fact that there will always be people who will like you and people who will detest you in life. Having said that, Im sure that there are people out there who will probably bitch a hell lot about me and criticize me like there’s no tmr. If you need to unleash your emotions by bringing others down and making yourself seem so superior and perfect, then so be it. It’s your take in life and who is to judge whether your bitching/action is right or wrong afterall. But please don’t drag innocent parties into it.


Welcome to the Niagara Falls !
Just some amazing facts about the Falls ( all info from: )

 – Niagara Falls is the largest producer of electric power in the world.

– More than 6 million cubic feet (168,000 m³) of water that falls over the crest line every minute in high flow, and almost 4 million cubic feet (110,000 m³) on average. Established the fact of being the most powerful waterfall in North America.

– The water that flows over the Niagara Falls comes from 4 of the 5 great lakes.

– Niagara Falls is one of the world’s most popular honeymoon destinations.

Company for the day: Cherlynn, Abby & Alvin.

The world-famous Maid of the Mist Boat attraction, which brings you close to the falls like never before.

In our neon bright blue raincoat.

That’s Toronto, Ontario on the other side of the falls. A daytime skyline.

American Falls (55m high).

Canadian Horseshoe Falls (52m high)

Right above the American Falls on Goat Island. Perhaps, 1 of the best places that you can ever be to get the majestic view of the falls and the almost-permanent rainbow.

This is what you’ll experience when you are caught in the dense mist of water spray inside the horseshow curve of the falls. Water everywhere, a patch of white-ness.

With such a picturesque view available, it’s without a doubt that we couldn’t control ourselves for some self-loving photo-shooting sessions.

Anyone up for scaling the peak of the mountain?

That’s cherlynn babe acting as the photographer and trying to get a good shot of Abby.

My turn.

Penny Press Souvenir. Cherlynn babe and I are totally addicted to ‘Penny Souvenir’ and are starting on our mini collection of pressed elongated pennies that we have gotten since the start of the trip.
A site to illustrate how the ‘Penny Press’ works:

More views of UB campus & dorms …

The Ellicott Complex (where the dorms are located) from a far distance. According to some of my friends, it looks like a castle from beyond. You decide.

An idea of how outrageously expensive food cost over here …

Korean, usd $6+

Chinese mixed vegetable rice with Tropicana Orange juice, usd $7+

Inevitably, everyone misses the wide array of food available back home in Singapore. Great food, Cheap price – honestly, can you ever get anything better than that? As pathetic as it might sound, Im surviving on 1 main meal/day and snacking on cereals/fruit bars/biscuits at all other time of the day.

Introducing some of the UB people …

Ming Ming who has been nothing but a total sweetheart in helping me to acclimate to the new surroundings and environment.

Cherlynn & Nadine babes.

Koh-hei from Japan. Perhaps, 1 of the friendliest guy I’ve met so far. Always out to befriend more people and what’s more important – he’s sincere about befriending people from all across the globe. In fact, I think we’ve all seen him hanging out more with his international friends than his Japanese counterparts.

Adam, from Albany, New York. As the pics above show, he’s one party guy in the house! Extroverted and lively, you can never get bored with this guy around. We need more of such people in our lives. Fun and positivism.

~ Believe it or no, I have yet to indulge in my first taste of the famous Buffalo Wings ~
Just a matter of time

1st September 2008
Happy 8th Months

12hours behind Singapore time, I just wanna say “Happy 8th Month” baby! loves!


7 responses to “

  1. I also hate people bitching around! Lets just tell ourselves that they are jealous of us!


    Take more pics at US! They are all so beautiful. you are so lucky to be there!

    Jasmine =))

  2. i can accept bitching cz im not gonna deny that i bitch abt some pple too. everyone bitches & im no exception depending on circumstances. but what i dislike is for them to include pple i care for/love (like friends/family/SO) into the gossip session when they dont even know the other party. u think so too?

    alright, will take pics!

  3. WOW…. all i can say is… WOW steph haha

  4. wah, thats bad…. if bitch about my family, I make sure I scream at the bitch. haha.

  5. loisa:

    yea, niagara falls are totally breathtaking & honestly, the pics dont do much justice to reality. like most attractions, you must be there to experience it all! u shld get the pics from JZ – her canon cam takes much better pics! 🙂

    ah. just ignore them. afterall, it’s all just words and thank god, not actions.

  6. heyyy beautiful! i live in canada and yet have never even been there!! muz go one day! haha, and come over and visit someday MAN! lol. loves

  7. hey love. you shld. i might be heading to toronto for thanksgiving week. if you’re free (though im pretty sure u wldnt be) , join me too! 🙂 emailed u.

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