Been doing alot of online shopping via to get textbks at a much cheaper price cz honestly, if you know how much textbooks cost on-campus in US … you’ll faint. It’s unfortunately, ridiculously expensive 😦  All I can do now is to pray that the books will be delivered safely and in time for my following classes.

Ginnie just informed me that my whole family (parents and grandma included) reads the blog so as to be kept updated of everything that’s been going on for me.

ps: visit for quirky fashion styles! and Oh-So-Fabulous shoes!!
i love how she’s able to come up with such fashionable outfits so effortlessly lol.

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  2. ahh i read seaofshoes too lei!!!! lux insider is great babe…do enjoy writing for them. i guess im kinda lost where i wanna go now 😦

  3. i love seaofshoes. dont we all envy the collection of shoes and heels that she has? i’ve been feeling a little ‘lost’ too lately, regarding the incident i told u via msn. trying to get over it too. 😦

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