2 weeks gone. Life here is pretty different as compared to back home. It’s all about making an effort to step out of the comfort zone, the comfortable personal bubble of being surrounded by great friends and the usual activities. However, just like almost anywhere else, people tend to stick to others whom they feel comfortable with so it’s inevitable that we see many communities hanging out with mainly their own. Chinese. Indians. Koreans. Japanese. Americans. It’s not as easy to break into the cliques … probably, ‘time’ is the key to forging better bonds. That, and the ‘willingness to initiate and be pro-active’. So far, it’s been alright … taking it a step at a time, managed to befriend a few Americans, Japanese & Chinese (mainly hostel floor-mates) .. a couple of “bonding/get-to-know-you” sessions but with movies/books (rmr sweet valley lol!) portraying the excitement that university brings forth.. you cant help but wonder if that’s just a glam portrayal and in reality, it isnt what it seems.

Talking to a couple of the Americans, you’ll realise too that their individualistic society has made many of them alot more independant than Asians. To many of them, they prefer to stay on their own after graduating from high school. Some even worked throughout their undergraduate years to pay off college tuition fees. The great sense of achievement. In Singapore, we’ll still see many working adults who (I’ll probably guilty of that for awhile too. Im not gonna deny that. ) live with their parents … but what’s worst is that some still do take allowances from their parents despite working (be it extra income or supplementary credit cards). That is despised by many over here. I know it’s easy to be dependent on our parents for most things but in a way, dont you agree that life is how we want it to be … only we, ourselves, can be responsible for the things we want & do. Off to a good start thus far i guess: purchasing essentials such as bed sheets, grocery, adding a personal touch to styling my own corner, doing laundry, etc . The only other thing that I have yet to do is to cook! lol. Will I or will I never? I have a feeling that it’s gonna be the latter. In any case, im excited with this influx of ‘changes’ which hence explains why Im already coming up with interior designs to add the extra glam to my own room back home. A major task considering the fact that the room is super cluttered with junk and rubbish lol. Baby love!! 🙂


A million ‘ I love you’ might have been exchanged but you know, that’s never enough.
Just let me hold you again as you hug me to sleep …
Nobody does it better than you do …
Addicted to You


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  1. haha, me blowing bubbles.

    yes baby. a million times isn’t enough. its never enough. 🙂 can’t wait to hear your voice!

  2. girl! haven’t seen u yet today apart from in the toilet..

    ANW, i can’t wait to get back to the Falls Outlet Malls (tho it’s either v ex or v long) coz I wanna make the most of the Kate Spade Opening Sale!!!

    HOW! haha. Ohwells. Niagara Falls this Sat!=D

  3. New bed, new arrangement but still the same old us baby. Noone can change this fact 🙂 ah. i miss you.

  4. HELLOO! any idea where ur old cam cable is? we carn find it, bt we need (or needed at least) it to transfer photos cos we’re lending the cam t wei t bring t ROC. bt i found a replacement cable anw, so no hurry. arent i smart? anw papa says u wna chg a layout of the study rm???? gd luck man. i tink e cobwebs are a permanent fixture dere. seriously. n popo’s complainin y u dun call back t talk t her. bt she nw noes how to navigate ur blog. at least when using my mac. see. mac is so user friendly. (;

  5. lol now the whole family surfs your blog on a regular basis! more updates!

  6. ginnie:
    ya-da, ya-da. mac,mac,mac. haha. its hilarious to see how popo uses a mac lol.. even i cant use it for nuts! darn, i shld do sth about it man. yes, i wanna clear the rubbish and junk at the studyroom. its gonna be my new cozy corner- i’ll do sth about it. watch and learn 😛 hahah. missing ZW already?

    MK: better go get some “home and decor” bks and show ginnie that we can do it lol!

  7. o muahuahakuhuahahhaha. ya… we can do it! anyway this only proves that your grand is more tech savvy than you are baby!

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