.New York, New York.

Finally. Some time to upload the pics to the blog! Thanks to Cherlynn for the camera usb cable!  There’re so many pics so I’ll just let the pics do the talking and cease on the writing for this entry.

Welcome to the Big Apple!

. Day 1.

Sight-seeing and attending the “Behind-the-Scenes at NBC Live Studios” tour.

Splendid aerial views over at our hotel.

. Day 2.

Early morning being part of a live audience for the “The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet” ( http://www.mandjshow.com/ ) . Front-row seats for us both and the topics that the hosts discussed were so relevant: Managing One’s finances during this recession period. Great show and awesome, might persuade my family into attending a live show when they’re over at yr’s end!

Later on, it’s all about amusement parks and fun. Coney Island over at Brooklyn.

Anyone ready for some 360 degrees spin?!? We did!

We tackled the world’s first ever roller coaster to be built – the CYCLONE! I miss the thrill and adrenaline rush of roller-coasters! Anyone up for some roller-coaster adventure soon?!?

.Day 3.

Who goes to NYC without doing some shopping right?
Retail Therapy over at Woodbury Premiere Outlets!

Combination of both Cherlynn’s and my purchases… seems like we got a huge load of stuff right? But honestly, I bought only 6 items including a special gift for someone!

Nine West cowboy boots for only $30 !!! What a bargain, if you might ask! 🙂

My most expensive purchase to date. My Kate Spade loves!

.Day 4.

Doing what most tourists would do, some sight-seeing in the fabulous city!

Skyline view of Manhattan

Mdm Tussauds – and… the photo camwhoring session begins! Here’s the selected few, enjoy!

Mdm Tussauds herself – the genius behind all these mesmerizing wax statues.

Central Park, a place of tranquility & peace in the mist of the bustling city.  Frankly, I love that place too! Upper East Side is where all the rich (and i mean, really wealthy!) and famous live at.

Here’s us with our Turkish “Work & Travel” tour guide!

Buffalo, Buffalo, Buffalo !!!
A whole different world compared to NYC.


13 responses to “.New York, New York.

  1. Ahh, your Kate Spade bags are so pretty! How much did you spend on them! 🙂 ><

  2. hey hey! haha so cool that you can be at the Big Apple! haha f21 and kate spade omg haha so loving kate spade! haha anyway your friend, Cherlynn’s from sc last time? think she was my schmate haha.. anyway have a good time there! =) all the best!

  3. claire:
    the bag costs $275 and the clutch costs $110. alot more cheaper over here than back in singapore! seems like everyone is loving a little bit of kate spade lol.

    thanks gal! it’s honestly such a small world… yea, cherlynn was from scgs too 🙂 ! yea, i loveee kate spade too – always have this very bright and chirpy outlook to it! 🙂

  4. eh.. i hate you… and your pictures. LOL

  5. pf:

    haha. why? what did i do wrong lol? 😛

  6. I am turning into a chat monster baby.

  7. MK baby,
    just listened to the video. i love it 🙂 love the lyrics.

  8. lol babe your boots were from ninewest i thought! =D

    yea yea your special timeless blog la. =D shop more soon! (tho we’ve already over-shopped MAN)

  9. oh yea! its from nine west! ive such a goldfish memory.. okay, time to edit it lol. yes, more f21 please! im such an annoying sucker for it lah. enjoy your night now 🙂

  10. i love your room! looks like some ikea show room! 😀

    take care when you’re there!

  11. ashleen:

    thanks dear! yea man, i like my room too! in fact, it’s alot more neater than my room back home. hence, im starting to think of interior designs to style my room when im back home lol!

  12. babe u look so gorgeous! n the figurines look so real! ooo it seems like so much fun there!!! hope 2 chat w u on msn again soon ok 🙂

  13. camy! 🙂

    ahh, just read your blog and i wldnt be there for your 21st! take lots of pics and let me know how it goes about okay! 🙂

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