.Here in USA.

Just checked the grades for the summer semester and once again, im pretty happy with my results. Improvement in both overall and communication major GPAs so hopfully, i’ll be able to exercise greater self-discipline when Im here to bring it up even higher! 🙂  i even have a notepad pasted with ‘3D graduation gown and certification letters’ stickers right at my desk board to motivate me!

It’s a ‘stay-in-the-room’ day for me, so will most probably devote some time to re-decorating my corner (black/maroon-red theme), doing misc stuff and surfing the internet (watching Gossip Girl and The Hills. Such chick flick shows, i know! ).



Quick update!

Close to a week since I left and finally, some time to use the laptop. New York City was awesome – I’ll let the pictures take center stage … But somehow, I can’t seem to find the usb cable for my camera. (it’s either i misplaced it or didn’t bring it along. darn!). So now, stuff unpacked and settled down at UB. Orientation week’s full of different activities and talks for us … international students from all across the globe – Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Indians, Canadians, Malaysians, Africians, well – there’s a reason why UB is known for its wide diversity of races in its student population! 🙂 My roomie comes from mainland China and she’s such a sweetie. It’s such a huge sigh of relief knowing that I aint  living with some stranger whom I can’t get along well with… so, things looking pretty good 🙂  i know that im a little incoherent with my sentence phrasing at the moment but frankly, im quite tired and exhausted. Been feeling alot more sleepy and less energetic ever since flying half-way round the world lol. All that I wanna do now is to snuggle up at the cozy corner in my room ( decorated in red/black theme!) and fall asleep (im such a pig, seriously.) but there’s still laundry & other misc stuff to be done. Im sleepy.


3 responses to “.Here in USA.

  1. No mention about our lil cute pig on your bed? hurrrrrr. I miss you badly baby.

  2. hey! Seems like fun at NY! It will be cool to know people from different countries =)) How is the weather there? How are the teachers too!?

    Jasmine. Take care!

  3. hey jasmine,

    weather at NYC was pretty hot, can be comparable to Singapore’s weather thou it gets chilly at night. As for buffalo, it’s alot colder in the morning and late at night but pretty warm in the afternoon when there’s sun. such a picturesque town! 🙂 clear blue skies, green meadows and fields!

    havent started sch yet – it’s still orientation wk for international students! and we’re so busy adjusting and such that i hardly even have time to update my blog lol.

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