.The last 24 hours.

That’s the consequence when you leave everything to the last-min and now, have to cancel the meeting with the gals to do up the last bit of preparation and packing. Packing’s such a chore!

You know how everyone has their own little quirks? Here’s mine! I love to bring some of my little trinkets/charms with me when I travel! It’s not that im superstitious, it’s just that I’d like to believe that these trinkets each works in their own special ways.


A deck of ‘Something you can do to make someone’s day’ cards. 

My ‘dream-catcher’ which never fails to accompany me for all my overseas trips. Not that it’s that effectively anyways.

Need some luck? I have double doses of luck from the ‘Shamrock’ (3-leaf clover). A necessity for me during examinations lol.

A dose of ‘friendship sparkle’ !

And all the other miscellaneous pendants!

My Love Story: A mini locket of baby & me
Ankh: The Gift of Life
Love Character in Chinese: Amanda darling bought it for me when she was in China!
Guardian Angel

Just slightly more than 24hours and it’s good-bye Singapore, Welcome NYC!


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