.The Last Weekend.

With 12th August just a mere few days away, it’s inevitable that my last weekend was spent packing, packing and more packing. And surprise, surprise – Im not quite done with it yet! So, as im writing this post and getting ready for my trip, it suddenly hit upon me that both Abby & Jocelyn had flown off. Eil and JZ’s turn tmr, before mine in 2 days’ time. 

Look at the astonishing amount of winter clothes that I have! Trust me, that’s ‘A YEAR SUPPLY OF CLOTHES’ that I have there lol ! But nah, Im just selecting a few from that huge pile of ‘borrowed clothes’ lol. Did you really think that Im able to squeeze all of that into my tiny luggage?!

It’s supposed to be end summer over at the States now but a last check with the online weather.com stated that it can get as cold as 13°C over at Buffalo. Sheesh, imagine what it would be like when Nov/Dec approaches (apparently, it averages around – 20°C )!!! Yeeks! Im really starting to freak out that I wouldn’t have enough warm clothes!

A peekapoo pic of baby wearing the winter ‘cap’. !!!

Saturday, Happy National Day!

It’s National Day so that calls for a special celebration – Time for a family BBQ and baby dearest volunteered to be the ‘Chef of the Night’ ! Juls & Camy commented that we look like a ‘stay-in & cook/bake’ couple- seems like they got it right this time round lol.

Look, we even had a piece of the ‘National Day Celebration’ over at my place. Yes, the flying of the various planes & helicopters ! 🙂  Brings back memories of my childhood when my sisters and I would immediately run towards the windows to gaze into the sky to spot the planes whenever we heard the loud, roaring sounds of the engines! Frankly, a habit that I can’t get rid off, even at this age!

Everyone slacks while baby cooks ~

With food in hand, what’s there not to smile about?

Amanda dear loving the camera and giving it her best poses lol.

That’s my parents and amanda indulging in the yummy & hearty feast that we had – beef kebabs, honey-glaze chicken wings, chicken satay, otah, fishball, crabmeat, gigantic tiger prawns, you get the idea! (Too bad, ginnie can’t join us cz she’s off for a durian-tasting party! ). And that’s baby at the back, hard at work being the Chef lol.

Yes, when I say that it’s a family affair – that includes our lovelies too! Here’s Fat Girl as she’s the only 1 that will stay still and post for pics! Typical female’s trait – Photogenic eh?

Food! Everyone was pretty much bloated and bursting after such a heavy and delicious feast. No complains from anyone, good job done Baby Boy. 2 thumbs up! 🙂  But I seriously need to hit the gym and lose those extra pounds, yes -im as weight-conscious as any gal would.

And to end off a fabulous day, a piggy-back from the boy!


Ever been caught in a situation where your credit card debts just seem to keep increasing & spiral out of control and that there’s nth you can do to help salvage the situation? Read “Save Karyn” and have a great laugh over it. A brillant and funny read – that was how I spent half of my national day too – reading! lol.

Here’s the link to her original site, take a look –


3 responses to “.The Last Weekend.

  1. Hey baby, glad that you thoroughly enjoyed yourself. Makes me have no regrets at all getting all sweaty oily and smoky.

    A moment ago, i felt like picking up the phone and giving you a call, penning a letter using some romantic strokes. However decided to sum everything up here in this comment, for i’ve used the previous 2 “stunts” before.

    I went back home today feeling kinda lost, knowing that the 12th is steadily approaching and its just gonna be one more night together tomorrow before you will land yourself on the big apple.

    Looking back at every moment, everything that we’ve gone through. Its such a unbelievably, awesome, romantic delight to have found you. The thought of being separated from you for 4 months stinks, honestly. My mom was just commenting that 4 months will breeze pass when she saw me listlessly sitting. In my mind, ” i wish it is”

    Got me to think of the various reasons of why the other half of me is still exhilarated that you will be embarking on your endeavor in the states. The experience, the fun, the knowledge you will gain and fulfilling your wish of having a taste of overseas studies.

    Now we come to the 2nd last day of your stay on this sunny island. The relationship we’ve painstakingly build up with love, laughter and some squabbles will thrive. For i believe in us to maintain this hard to come by relationship. The arguments that we’ve had comes to naught eventually when we both realize that what both of us really want was the best for one another.

    I’d ask myself if i am strong enough to send you off on tuesday night and had troubles coming to an answer. I guess writing this comment helped, as now i am more than ready to send you leaving on a jet plane, knowing that you will be back in my arms in due time. Your munchikins will move hand in hand with you, hearts entwined despite being miles apart.

    And for a MK styled finishing.

    On Sunday, August 10 2008. I profess my love to you, Stephanie sugarhoneybuns/kimchi He to the whole wide world.

    I love you baby. See you tml night, and in every sweet dreams that i am gonna have.

    Love ya

  2. Really to the whole wide world, on the world wide web..

    Starting to miss you too, stephy!

  3. MK- baby, you know how much you mean to me 🙂 enuff’ said on the www for now lol.

    cherie – i know, it’s monday already. only slightly more than 24hrs to go and i’ll be away off to the Big Apple 😦 you’ll still have loisa, jane, krys and the others 🙂 dont worry, 4mths will fly by very soon!

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